February 27, 2012

Using Our Gifts, and Helping Others Use Theirs


While serving as a youth pastor in New Jersey, I was incredibly fortunate to be surrounded by a phenomenal group of volunteers. The teams that I was entrusted to lead were made up of some incredibly gifted people who loved our students and our children and invested a great deal of time and prayer in each of them.

One of the parents of our students had a phenomenal gift that she would share with us whenever she had the opportunity: the gift of hospitality. If our ministries needed a place to host an event, whether it be a Super Bowl party, summer bar-b-que, or random Friday night get together, her home was available and there was enough food to feed an army.

I wish that my words could adequately describe just how impressive her skills at making people feel welcomed in her home are. Whether it was sixty middle and high school students, or a handful of college kids, everyone left her home well fed, cared for, and ready to take on the world. The amazing thing to me was that whenever I would try to thank, compliment, or celebrate what she did . . . she would try and downplay her gifts as insignificant. She was convinced that there was nothing special about how she was serving our ministry.

Last week I stumbled across a video from Derek Sivers (you may remember his book Anything You Want). It is well worth a watch.

We all have gifts, skills, and abilities. When it comes to our own gifts, we tend to believe that our gifts are nothing special. What’s more, the people that sit in our congregation week in and week out feel the same way. As church leaders, one of the greatest parts of our job is helping people realize just how significant their contribution to the body really is. Freeing your congregation up to serve in the way that they are uniquely gifted and created to do is the greatest gift that you can give to those you are entrusted with leading.

How are YOU freeing your congregation to use their gifts?

Originally Published: February 27, 2012
Category: Volunteers
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