March 20, 2012

How to Be Interruptible


PASTORS: If you want to be effective today, try being ‘interruptible.’ Relationships matter.

This was a tweet I saw recently from a quality person I’ve come to know through Twitter, Ben Reed (follow Ben on Twitter for yourself). Your own personal Strongology demands that you have a life plan and employ certain techniques for time management. This post addresses both of these elements.

Here are 2 thoughts on how to be interruptible:

Margin Time

When you go to plan your week, be sure that you allow for 20% margin time. This is time set aside for the unexpected, including interruptions. Most days have their share of interruptions. When you are packed so full of tasks and obligations, you don’t have the luxury of time and your staff see you as aloof and themselves as unimportant.

Block Time

Get away from everybody. Set an appointment with yourself and close off all contact so you can zero all your energies in on one main objective: finishing that project. It may seem counter intuitive to shut yourself off from the world in order to complete a project. But the time away from everybody for that block of time is smaller than being distracted as the project lingers for days.

Pastor, you have a job to do. I get that. But there was a reason Ben tweeted what he did. Pastors need to be available to their staff and people.

How do you build “interruptibility” into your rhythm at work?

Scott Couchenour blogs at Serving Strong. He actively partners with ministry leaders to create a way to serving without burning out. His Mission = Your Mission, less burnout.

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Originally Published: March 20, 2012
Category: Church Leadership
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