November 13, 2012

3 Benefits of Praying with Your Wife


It’s kind of sad how little I pray. Especially with my wife and kids. You’d think after growing up in a Christian home, serving in Sunday School, leading bible studies and working part-time at a church that I’d be a black belt prayer warrior.

No such luck.

While I haven’t been the best at praying regularly with LK, we recently started praying together after the kids go to bed. We’re hoping to establish this new habit over the next few weeks.

So far I’ve noticed a few key benefits that you’ll be interested in too.

1. Peace

An adult life isn’t very hunky dory. It’s messy, hectic and packed with responsibilities no one warned you about. Between work, family and project stress you can go bald. By the time the kids are finally in bed, we barely have time to come up for air before we need to get some sleep and start the crazy train all over again. As LK and I have stopped to pray together once the kiddos are tucked in, we have experienced a sense of peace over the rest of our evening together. Tension and frustrations that have built up throughout the day melt away and we feel refreshed.

2. Trust

We are in this adventure together until the bitter end (sidebar: why does the “end” have to be bitter anyway?). The foundation of any relationship is trust. While there is (or should be) a baseline of trust going into marriage, as we celebrate each anniversary that trust should continue to strengthen (sort of like how concrete cures over time). When we talk to God together, our trust in Him is deepened as a couple, and we feel more free to be vulnerable with each other.

3. Support

One of the awesome things about marriage is having a fan for life. It’s you two (and God) versus the world. Sort of like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in Mr. and Mrs. Smith, standing back to back and lighting up the enemy with a hail of gunfire (incidentally that was the first movie we saw on a date). As LK and I pray together, opening our hearts and sharing our hopes before Him, we gain insight into each other’s dreams and passions. We know ourselves and one another better and can support the dreams we share.

It’s really easy to get caught up in the routine of parenthood and adult responsibilities and miss each other like ships passing in the night. Stopping to intentionally pray with and for your wife can help reignite (or continue to fuel) the fire of your marriage. Prayer provides a great opportunity to bond spiritually and see your wife as a daughter of God who needs your trust and support.

Questions: How often do you pray with your wife? If you’re single do you pray for your future wife?

 Photo cc by Melvin_Es on Flickr.

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