September 21, 2012

Tips for Moving Your Church into FaithVillage


FaithVillage has been designed to help your church grow closer, deeper and wider.

Churches are invited to form organizations and groups at no cost. Simply have a church representative complete the Create Organization process and when we verify your church status we will send you a Church Partner Agreement. Churches will find FaithVillage to be a unique online home where they can build community among their members and host their video, audio and blog content in one convenient location. Click here to learn more about a Church Partnership.

Once you have personally moved in,  set up your organization and mastered the content tools, it’s time to lead the movement into FV for your whole church.

Depending on your unique church culture, you may choose a variety of strategies to educate your leadership on the value of doing faith online. A helpful starting place will be reviewing the Church Partner  features and  FAQ accessible at  You will  find a number of articles on our site that provide the latest statistics for engaging faith online as well as responses to frequent objections that are often well-intended but misinformed.  You may also choose to have your church leadership sign up for a Church Partner webinar that presents the benefits of FaithVillage in a GoToWebinar format. To sign up, go to

Questions to Consider for Strategy Planning

Like in anything in church life, it’s good to begin with a plan for how you want to
use FaithVillage to serve your ministry goals. Here are some questions you may
consider as you develop your strategy.

  • Will we promote FV to our members for their own voluntary use or will we lead an organized effort by staff to leverage and manage the platform for the whole church?
  • How might we use FV for volunteer training, leadership development, personal inspiration, relationship building inside and outside the church, media hosting, missional inspiration, self-publishing, networking with leaders in similar contexts, idea sharing or ministry team collaboration?
  • What leaders and volunteers could become FV champions among our congregation?
  • Will we use FaithVillage for the content hosting platform or the social media platform, or both?
  • What content assets do we already have that are site–ready, such as videos, podcasts, and blogs? What modifications do we want to make to our content to make it more shareable, consumable or accessible to a wider audience?
  • How might FaithVillage’s free features replace other services our church may be paying for? How will this change work flow? How will this effect promotion of those other  services and a re-education of  our  volunteers nd membership?
  • What incremental steps can we take to bring small groups into FV to build confidence and endorsement of the site? What objections can we anticipate and be prepared to deal with? What opportunities does FV present that will excite our members?

Ideas for Promotion

  • Preach a sermon series on building community inside and outside the church. Include a reference to how social media can be used to improve a sense of community and how members can move into FaithVillage because it’s faith-friendly and safe.
  • Host a meal event for staff or small group leaders and present the FaithVillage video as an introduction to your organization using it as a whole. Conduct a question and answer opportunity for leaders to learn more. Delegate responsibilities for next steps and train staff to manage your FV account.
  • Distribute a small group study guide that include a user-friendly explanation of FV and how you plan on implementing it. Group leaders can lead discussions with their groups and report back to staff of any questions, comments or concerns about FV.
  • Upload FV badges to your website’s home page that invite members to move into FV as a general member. These badges can also be used as ad units in your newsletter, worship guide ro announcement slides.
  • Run a feature story in your newsletter, bulletin or website making an announcement of your organization’s involvement and encouraging members to join and small groups to move in.
  • Identify trial groups to move in and “scout the neighborhood.” Based on their good experience, these groups can lead others to move in. Good candidates for these groups would be college and singles groups, youth groups, and young adult couples.
  • Periodically post invitations and/or encouragements to join FV and your FV group on your Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  • Start sharing some of the great content in FV with your leaders through Facebook, Twitter and Email. Emphasize that your church can host it’s own video and audio content in FV rather than sending members to multiple sites. 
  • Whenever you have opportunity, tell stories of meaningful ministry interactions you have had online.
  • Use a series of worship guide mentions to promote FV, such as these:

    • Grow closer, deeper and wider - For Free.

      Grab your gear and move into FaithVillage, the new social network for faith experiences. Set up your loft and explore this unique virtual village full of inspirational videos, articles, podcasts and blogs Connect online with other members of  our church and access Christian content and leadership training tools. Form small groups that can be completely private or public. Network and share ideas  with other like-minded Christians as you build your faith.  Sign up at or contact (insert Church Communications Director) for more information.
    • Having problems finding reliable, inspirational Christian content online? 

      Move into for a faith experience like no other. Join our group online and connect with other members and leaders at (insert Church name). With a social media platform like Facebook and an interactive community full of 56 content, FaithVillage makes building your faith easy. And it’s all free! Find out how you can move into  your loft by watching the video on or contact (insert Church Communications Director) with any questions.
    • Build your faith, your church, or a whole new movement. 

      FaithVillage is an emerging web community populated by church leaders and everyday Christ-followers like you. In FaithVillage, you can move into your virtual loft, start a group, join our church’s online community, and grow your tribe. With a free social media platform and great inspirational content, offers a city full of resources in one convenient place. Talk to (insert Church Communications Director) or visit to find out how you can move your faith.
    • This may sound awkward, but, move in with us.

      Imagine an online community with virtual buildings including universities, coffee shops, boutiques, a church and so much more. (Insert Church Name) invites you to move into to set up your loft and join our organization at As part of the FaithVillage community, you can expand your personal faith, gain access to the best ministry resources, learn more about a cause, and ultimately, find your home in a network full of like-minded Christ-followers. Contact (Insert Church Communications Director) to learn how you can get involved.
Originally Published: September 21, 2012
Category: Church Leadership
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