The Jar of Rest


I have a Jar of Rest.

I made the jar because I needed a physical reminder of who holds my worry. It helps to write each concern on a slip of paper, fold it and put it in the jar.

Because once it’s there, that worry is no longer mine. It belongs in the Jar of Rest. What is in the jar now belongs to God and is held in His strong and capable hands.

I tend to be anxious. Worry stays my mind on what I cannot control instead of resting on God’s promises for me.

So often I think I am at rest. I am so good at convincing myself that I’m not stressing about tomorrow, that I am patiently and quietly listening for answers to my prayers and watching for doors to open.

But here’s what I’ve learned: If I am truly at rest, I am not wringing my hands about what might happen.

If I am at rest I trust that whatever the answer or outcome, it will be the right one.

If I am truly at rest, I feel peace like a warm, flannel wrap so insulated am I from the changing tide.

If I am at rest I am not wearing myself out by madly racing to prepare, making lists of supplies and carrying a weight that is not mine to shoulder.

Rest does not rush or worry or collapse under a wall of “What If.”

Rest intimately knows a loving God as protector, provider and defender.

Rest waits with hope for the future and doesn’t need to look back at yesterday for guidance.

Rest knows the tangible stillness that is only real and only available in this moment.

Rest relies on faith, not works and puts my desire for God’s will in my life ahead of what I want or think I need.

If I am at rest, I understand that waiting is not simply counting down time as something to endure; it is preparation for what comes next.

As I prayed today, God showed me that beside my Jar of Rest sits a golden chest the size of a brick. It looks just like the treasure chest filled with goodies that I earned as a child for behaving at the dentist.

But this treasure chest is full of God’s blessings and gifts. It may look small, but when I reach inside there is no bottom – there is no end to what the chest can hold!

And as I reach into the chest He says to me:

“These gifts are all for you. They include my love when you feel alone, my strength when you feel you can’t go on, my joy in all things, and my constant, healing presence — all for your good. My supply is endless and you can take as much as you need or want. Now that you have emptied your hands of worries by putting them in the Jar of Rest, fill your arms instead with my love and the gifts I have promised.”

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Originally Published: July 8, 2013
Category: Wellness
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