May 17, 2012

The Handwritten


Michael Perkins likes to keep things simple. You may have heard of his blog, The Handwritten

At The Handwritten, Michael takes Bible verses and simplifies them on a handwritten piece of paper. Sometimes they're as short as a few words, other times they're a paragraph. Each entry is geared at making the reader think and digest something of spiritual value in a unique way. 

Michael started The Handwritten because:

He believes in the messages he shares.
He wants to create things that matter.
He believes we complicate things that are simple.
He wants to change the world . . . for the better.

In addition to blogging, Michael is a pastor at a church in Natchitoches, Louisiana. We recently ran into Michael at the Catalyst conference in Dallas. We're proud to call him a contributor to FaithVillage. Check out some of his posts in the Photo Gallery and look for more posts from Michael in the near future.

Originally Published: May 17, 2012
Category: Culture
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