May 22, 2013

When God Asks Impossible Things of You


We tend to expect God to act in ways we can understand.

We work, and so God provides money. We pray, and so God answers prayer. We do this, and so God does that.

In other words, we see God as the effect and ourselves as the cause.

Life is all about God responding, it seems, and if we do nothing, neither will God.

This isn’t true, obviously. But it’s how we feel.

So what if we’re in a situation where we can do nothing? What happens when we can no longer be the cause?

When God asks impossible things of you?

When We’re No Longer the Cause

When we see ourselves as the cause and God merely as Responder, our view of God is weak. We have limitations. God has none.

When the Lord surprised Abraham by telling him his wife, Sarah, would have a son in a year’s time, they were dumbfounded. But God’s response was both timely and timeless.

"Is anything too difficult for the Lord?" (Genesis 18:14)

When God tells us to do something, we can instantly come up with 10 good reasons why God’s way won’t work. We focus on the limitations as we see them instead of seeing God’s power as limitless.

God isn’t limited by our limitations. They’re merely opportunities for His power. (Tweet that.)

Our God of Impossibilities

It’s always easier to laugh than believe the impossible.

It’s true; many times when we follow God’s will, we may not see a way out of our situation. In fact, humanly speaking, there may be no way out.

But that’s okay. We’re not the cause.

Our job is not to see the solution to our struggles, but to obey God and trust Him for the solution. Human limitations are opportunities for God’s power.

The Cause in Our Lives

Immediate success tempts us to want to take the credit. That way, we see ourselves as the cause and God as the effect.

Abraham and Sarah had to wait 25 years from the time they were promised a son to the time that they got him.

There’s nothing like a period of waiting and futility to show us that blessing and success in our lives is only of God. This is true even when success does come immediately, but the success often blinds us to the fact.

Our limitations best convince us that success is of God — not of us.

When God Asks Impossible Things of You

As our mortal minds struggle to follow the plans of our immortal God, we must remember that He has no limitations like us.

If God asks impossible things of us, He plans to do the impossible for us. (Tweet that.)

What impossible things are you trusting God for today?

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