April 12, 2013

Harper Gruzins: Bouncing Back from Bullying


Walking off the stage at a Major League Soccer game last year, 11-year-old singer/songwriter Harper Gruzins never expected to experience the amount of cyber-bullying she received for her performance of “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

The day after the game, her video on YouTube had already gone viral, receiving more than 1 million views, along with hundreds of nasty comments one wouldn’t wish on their worst enemy. She fought back tears over how critics labeled her rendition as the “worst national anthem ever.”

Watch God is Bigger than YouTube | An Interview with Harper Gruzins.

Over the past year, Harper has been on Fox News, ABC News, and other local news outlets, sharing her story and how she’s responded to such intense criticism. She’s performed around the country, clearly proving that no one can keep her from following her dreams.

Watch “A Little Bit Stronger" | Harper Gruzins.

Harper's sweet yet bold presence permeated the FaithVillage studio, where we discussed her experience, as well as recorded two of her songs. Harper not only sings, but also plays both piano and guitar. She’s already written several songs and plans to continue writing, using her experience with bullying to encourage others to follow their dreams and remember that God is bigger than YouTube.

Watch “I Have a Dream" | Harper Gruzins.

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Originally Published: April 12, 2013
Category: Culture
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