January 20, 2012

Switchfoot Returns


I remember hearing Switchfoot for the first time when I was seventeen years old. I was lying on the floor of a church van on the way to a mission trip and listened to them the whole way there. I was blown away by what I heard. That was fourteen years ago and I guess the fact that I still remember that shows what an impact they’ve had on me.

On September 27th, Switchfoot will release their eighth studio album Vice Verses, the follow up to their excellent Grammy-winning album Hello Hurricane. While Hello Hurricane saw the band returning to the sound that made them famous on their biggest record, The Beautiful LetdownVice Verses is posed to take that sound even further.

Vice Verses is a record of tension and release. It’s an attempt to describe the polarity of the human experience. The sunlight and shadow. The highs and lows, laughter and pain, hope and fear, doubts and belief,” says lead singer/guitarist Jon Foreman. “Vice Verses is soul music – attempting to get to the heart of the human experience: Living in the tension and turning it into song.”

Exploring that tension is one of the main reasons Foreman and company have lasted so long. In the Vice Verses album opener “Afterlife,” Foreman states: “I’ve tasted fire I’m ready to come alive/I can’t just shut it up and fake that I’m alright/I’m ready now/I’m not waiting for the afterlife….I believe we start forever now.”

Check out this video of the band as they listen through their record, Vice Verses, for the first time with their producer, Neal Avron. It’s an intimate look inside what the band was thinking and feeling as they finally brought this highly-anticipated record to completion.


Much like Hello HurricaneVice Verses was recorded in the band’s home studio in San Diego, California. “This is the second record we’ve made in our studio space, and it’s amazing how we felt completely at home,” adds Foreman. “It allowed us to focus and take chances.”

By providing more questions than answers in their lyrics, Switchfoot have rightfully gained the reputation of being truth-seekers who would rather live in the tension than run from it. See Foreman’s latest Huffington Post piece, excerpted here:

“The art comes from the awkward ache. The knot in my stomach usually teaches me more than comfort ever could. The sculptor’s chisel carves away at the block to bring something new into being. In the same way, we hammer away at the world we’re given to bring something new into being. We re-appropriate the past and present to create the future – breath by breath.”

Switchfoot have never shied away from taking risks. See Jon Foreman’s foray into folk music with his four acoustic EP’s or the band’s killer cover of the Beastie Boy’s classic “Sabotage”.


From August 4-7, the FaithVillage team will be in Midland, Texas for the Rock The Desert festival. Switchfoot is one of the headlining acts and personally I couldn’t be more excited. If you plan on coming to Rock The Desert, don’t miss Switchfoot’s listening party for an early preview of Vice Verses at 3:00pm, Friday, August 5th in the Teen Tent. They will also be playing the Main Stage at 10:00pm that night and are certain to play some of the new cuts from Vice Verses. Also, don’t forget to stop by the FaithVillage tent and say hello and score a charge for your cell phone and a free backpack. If the early hype is any indication, Vice Verses looks to be another high point for Switchfoot in a career filled with highs. For this fan September 27th can’t come soon enough.

Originally posted on August 2, 2011

Originally Published: January 20, 2012
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