Waiting in Wonder [Excerpt]



Whether you’re a first-time mom or a seasoned veteran of motherhood, God graciously gives each mother nine months. Nine months to prepare for a sacred journey — a journey you will be taking with this particular child, to nurture, to disciple, and to teach about Jesus.

Nine months isn’t very long to prepare for such a journey. But God knows you will never truly be ready for the rigorous demands of motherhood. If you were, you would have no need to lean on Him in dependence, no need to keep your own eyes on Jesus, your Guide. Though you will never be completely ready for motherhood, God longs to help you — He longs for you to make the most of this waiting time by drawing nearer to Him. …

The God who made you and the One who is forming this child within you longs to walk with you during this sacred season of waiting. He wants to share in what you’re feeling. He wants to open up truths from His Word that will comfort you and challenge you to become even more of the woman — and the mother — He designed you to be. And He wants to awaken you to the wonder of this miraculous creation He is even now forming within you.

It’s my sincere hope that through this journal your pregnancy can be a time of adopting certain practices that will shape your life and the life of your child forever: meditating on Scripture as a means to personal metamorphosis, foregoing anxiety in favor of prayer, and journaling as a tool for remembering God’s faithfulness. I pray that as these devotions lead you to linger over the details of God’s amazing handiwork in creation, you will also find your sense of wonder renewed and, with it, your heart revived to praise.

To that end, in the pages of this beautiful devotional journal, Waiting in Wonder, you will find daily readings and Scripture passages brought together just for you and for this special season of your life. You will also find helpful prompts that lead you to record your emotions, significant milestones, prayers, and love notes to your baby. What a precious gift to be able to give to your son or daughter one day — the gift of knowing you and the love you had for him or her even before you nuzzled his or her life in your arms.

Week 8 Excerpt: "Infinite Wisdom"

And that’s my heart — right there — for you or some mom you know who will receive this book as a gift. Let me also give you a glimpse today into a sample entry. This one comes from Week 8, and talks about the rapid growth of baby’s brain. That’s the lead-in to a meditation on the Infinite Wisdom of God who created not only this marvelous being, but everything else that we see and know.

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Originally Published: May 13, 2013
Category: Devotionals
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