May 8, 2012

Top Android Apps for Worship Leaders and Musicians



Crossway provides a downloadable Bible app, probably the only free ESV Bible App that is available on your Android device, with or without an Internet connection. It supports quick search, smooth scrolling, full screen and landscape viewing.

Alternate App: YouVersion


A must have for all those practice sessions while on the move. Pulsekeeper has a tempo range of up to 400 bpms, 5 patterns and 19 different sounds. It also allows you to set a tempo simply by tapping or shaking the phone.

Alternate app: Metronome


The Gibson Learn & Master Guitar is an award-winning interactive Android app for guitarists that comes with a chromatic tuner, chord charts, lessons from Gibson, etc.

Alternate app: Tuner - gStrings


Piano Assistant is a reference point for piano chords and scales. For the requested chord or scale, this application gives its formula, notes according to a selected root and shows positions of notes on the piano keyboard. It also allows you to play the selected chord/scale to get familiar with its sound.

For Guitarists, JamBox Guitar Chords & Scales will do. This app is an advanced guitar chord and scale finder. It shows and plays chords in different variations and can also be toggled for left-handed players.

Altnerate app: Basichords.


Ultimate Guitar Tabs by Ultimate Guitar USA LLC facilitates searching for chords for your favorite worship songs by song title and/or artist name. It provides a quick transposing feature also. Though this app is not free, $2.99 is not too great a price for this useful app.

Alternate app: Worship Music, which costs $0.99.


For all those worship song video tutorials, Google has an official Youtube app that will meet most of your needs. It features a nice UI, in-page playback, full-screen playback, personalized home-screen video feed, etc.

For downloading videos, use Best Tube. This is a lightweight Youtube video downloader that can download videos to your SD-card, supports keyword and category based search and, best of all, converts videos to MP3 format.

Do you use any other Android app that is useful for worship leaders or musicians?

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