April 27, 2012

Problem Solvers Need Not Apply


I bet 9 out of every 10 resumes have “problem solver” listed on them.

Employers love problem solvers, and employees make good livings off of being good problem solvers. The more complex problems you can solve, the greater asset you become. Because of that, one of the most marketable skills to have is that of a problem solver.

However, this presents a problem when it comes to our faith in God. God isn’t necessarily looking for problem solvers to fill His Kingdom. He’s looking for a certain type of follower and “problem solver” isn’t the greatest skill He’s concerned with. God is looking for faithful, available, and teachable men and women who humbly admit they can’t solve all the problems.

Try telling a group of professionally bred problem solvers that the most important thing in their lives is something they’ll never be able to solve.

Their brains will explode while they spend their lives exhausted and worn out trying to solve only what God can solve.

We must be careful not to present Christianity as a club of problem solvers who use Jesus as a tool right along side of pie charts, spreadsheets, and matrix diagrams. Rather, we must present a vision of life with God that is far greater and fulfilling than anything we can do for God. He doesn’t need us, He surely doesn’t. But He wants us!

It’s one thing to work for God, it’s another thing entirely to work with God.

We are invited to be active participants in the Kingdom of God (which includes solving problems). We can either be a participant with God or try to solve it all instead of God. With, or instead of . . . I choose with.

Are you a problem solver?

Originally Published: April 27, 2012
Category: Youth
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Lance Mayes
I am a problem solver.

Well said! I choose to participate with God as well.
2 years9 months ago · ( 0 )

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