November 14, 2012

The One Thing Every Small Group Leader Must Do Daily


I’m a huge fan of a book that came out a few years ago, Small Groups, Big Impact, by Jim Egli and Dwight Marable. For the first time, a couple of small group gurus did unbiased research concerning small groups. After surveying over 3,000 small group leaders in 21 countries, they unveiled the most extensive and important understandings of anyone I’m aware of.

One thing caught my attention more than any other: Prayer is the key to evangelism really occurring and spiritual growth truly being experienced by group members.Today, I’m going to step out of the way and let some statements from this amazing book speak for themselves.

“The practice that impacts the health and growth of a small group the most is the prayer life of the leader.”

“When group leaders have a growing prayer life, more people are drawn to their group and into life-changing relationship with Christ.”

“Our research reveals that leaders with a strong prayer life have groups that are more than four times more fruitful evangelistically.”

“Of leaders with a strong prayer life, 83% reported that their group had seen someone come to Christ in the past 9 months, but only 19% of the leaders with a weak prayer life could say the same.”

“ ... the amount of time spent preparing the Bible lesson shows no correlation whatsoever to small group growth. In other words, the leaders who spend five hours preparing the Bible lesson for their groups have groups that grow no faster than the leaders who spend five minutes preparing the lesson!”

When speaking of two of the small group leaders that Jim and Dwight interviewed they simply stated in this way in Small Groups, Big Impact, “ ... the most effective way to strengthen their group – including themselves – is through prayer.”

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