May 30, 2012

New eBook Combines Faith, Art & Originality


In your creative life, have you ever wondered . . .

How do I find new insights, ideas, inspiration and vision for my life as an artist?

How do other artists work through their personal, professional and spiritual challenges?

Do I really have what it takes to be an artist? What do I do with the frustration, lack of focus and direction in my creative life?

Who can I turn to for encouragement with my art? God made me to create . . . I “cannot NOT” create!

Create: Transforming Stories of Art, Life, & Faith is a dynamic enhanced video ebook designed to inspire artists and art lovers in their creative journeys. Create is filled with stories, artwork and video from 21 points of view. Optimized for the iPad, Kindle & B&N Nook, it is available for download on the Art, Life & Faith blog, iBookstore, B&N, and Amazon. (For Kindle, video is viewable using Mac ios app.) Winner of Best Design Ebook Contest by Vook, Inc.

Dear Fellow-Artist,

My name is Joey O’Connor and I am the Executive Director of The Grove Center for the Arts & Media, a Southern California non-profit organization that cultivates the spiritual growth and creative work of artists. For the past ten years, I’ve worked with artists from just about every creative discipline. In countless conversations, I’ve discovered two vital truths:

1. Every artist needs affirmation and direction to pursue their God-given creative calling.
2. And every artist has a story.

For years I dreamed of creating a book filled with artists stories that pursued the question, “How do artists grow in their creative work, their personal lives and in their relationship with God?” In short, how do artists cultivate art, life and faith? In meeting so many wonderful artists, I’ve seen the need for friendship, mentorship and new community among artists.

In 'Create: Transforming Stories of Art, Life & Faith', we’ve brought together 21 artists offering wisdom, insight and inspiration through their personal, professional and spiritual journeys. Twenty-one points of view for what it means to pursue art, life, and faith.


What is an artist’s relationship to his or her Creator?
How important is the role of community in the life of an artist?
How does an artist respond when family, friends, and people in the Church challenge their creative calling?
How can an artist grow in their understanding of the creative process?
What is an artist’s unique relationship to the tools of their craft?
What is the role of mentoring and apprenticeship in the life of an artist?
How do artists, especially young and emerging artists, commit to the values, disciplines and pain-staking tasks of improving their craft?
How can artists who are Christians make authentic creative contributions to culture?
How can artists live with the tension that the Church and the culture don’t always know what to do with them?
Finally, how is the life and heart of an artist best cultivated for spiritual and professional growth?

Joey O'Connor is a FaithVillage member and contributor. 

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Originally Published: May 30, 2012
Category: Culture
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Joey O'Connor
Thanks Ryan for your generous support of Create! I hope the artists and creatives who read Create are affirmed, challenged and inspired by all the incredible contributors who wrote the many-thought provoking essays inside.

Keep up the great work with FV...I'm pulling for you and your team!
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