October 26, 2012

Struggles College Students are Facing Today


While college is an exciting time for many students, it can also be a time of change, stress, and uncertainty.  Students begin life as an adult for the first time during these years, living on their own and becoming more and more responsible for their own choices—including how they behave and what they believe.

Dr. Joan Davis, director of counseling services and assistant professor of psychology and counseling, has found that the challenges facing college students today have greatly increased over the past 10 years.

“Many students are experiencing a crisis of faith,” she explained. “In the past, students have accepted the beliefs of their parents without question. Recently, students are growing up more independently, trying to see if [the Gospel] is really the truth. They want to confirm everything they have learned and realize that it is, in fact, truth.”

This crisis of faith or self-identity can be trying, especially in Christian schools where you may be surrounded by peers who seemingly have it all together and are not struggling with the same issues.  Dr. Davis encourages those who are struggling to talk with someone about it – your roommate, professor, or someone in the University’s Counseling Center.  More people have struggles than we realize, and often the people who are ready, willing, and available to help have had similar issues in their lives.

DBU provides a Counseling Center for students, which is a great place to come and discuss the issues you are facing. Caring individuals are ready and willing to sit and listen as you search for answers, ultimately, pointing back to God, who knows and understands exactly what you are facing.

Dr. Davis also describes other issues facing college students, including addictions, relational issues, depression, adjustment, and yearning for a feeling of safety.  Regardless of the issues, there is always help.

“We want students to know there are people ready and able to help them through the trials they are facing,” Dr. Davis shared. “They are not alone. God loves them, and we want to share that love with them by helping them overcome these obstacles.”

As it says in I Peter 5:7, “Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you.”

Early signs and indicators of stress or other issues can often be observed as students go about their various campus activities. When assistance can be provided quickly, students are better able to continue a meaningful college experience.  It could be that the student notices new habits in their roommate, or perhaps the student himself just can’t handle difficult situations as they had in the past. 

Regardless of the situation, students need to remember that everyone has problems, whether they are students at DBU or any other university, and there are always people available to help.

Originally Published: October 26, 2012
Category: Collegiate
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