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Fear can be absolutely crippling. Dan Wickert tells the story of a counselee he had years ago who was so afraid of contracting AIDS that she couldn’t even sit on her own toilet seat (Counseling the Hard Cases,119). I have counseled others who were afraid to leave their apartment, afraid to go to church, and one young lady who was afraid to cross bridges for fear that she would jump off of them.


Lust is an absolute monster. Getting a handle on this particular sin can feel sometimes near impossible. It’s especially difficult in a culture that finds a way to sexualize everything. We sexualize everything from Halloween to shampoo to yogurt.


Let's stop playing hide and seek with one another and quit being fake.

That is because being fake is exhausting and being real is liberating. This is the central thesis by founder and lead pastor of New Life Church in Arkansas, one of America's fastest growing churches.


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