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Genesis 1 is pretty unscientific in its description of the origin of light. God spoke and it came into being. Whatever you think about the origins of the universe we see something in the biblical presentation clearly distinct from the scientific community. In creation we see that light is intimately connected to the very person of God.


Christians are not the only people who evangelize. Muslims do too. In many cases, Muslims are better trained in casting doubts on the Christian faith in order to influence more to believe in Islam. Sometimes, I have found Muslims to be relatively more prepared in winning any debate between the merits of Christianity vs Islam. Reading this book reminds me once again that Muslims are quite formidable in their religious heritage, in their arguments against Christianity, and in their knowledge of the New Testament.


Some books skirt the important issues of faith. Others dig so deep and lose the audience. Still, there are those that managed to point out the key matters and raise important questions but fail to adequately address them.


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