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This is a great question. There are certain areas of our lives where we tend to give each other passes, excuses or justifications, but for which God would call us to be more critical and careful. Our eating habits certainly reflect one of those areas that the American church needs to be more thoughtful about. I love how Brett McCracken calls us to more thoughtful and intentional eating. In his book Gray Matters he wrote:


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What is biblical preaching? Is it necessary for a preacher or preacher-to-be to go to seminary? How can one get ready for preaching each and every week? What about taking a sabbatical from preaching? What has prayer got to do with preaching?

These questions and many more are dealt with in On Preaching, a very down-to-earth treatment of all things preaching. Broadly framed in three parts, the book's central conviction is that preaching is such a huge privilege that it cannot be taken for granted.


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A reader recently sent in this astute question:

Why does Jesus tell people to “Go and sin no more” when He knew it was basically impossible for them to stop sinning?

This is a great question, and one that has been cropping up a lot in the comments on my blog recently. For example, check out some of the comments in my post about “How do I stop sinning?”


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