I have noticed something in the last two generations  that has become predominent in the church world .
The God called anointed people are sitting in the pews , and the non called , non anointed prople, are in the pulpits and on the music stages as it were. Solomon saw it in his day and recorded it in Ecclesiates 10:6 Folly was sitting in dignity, and the rich were sitting in a low place. There are people today hidden away as it were, waiting in the wings , anointed to preach , anointed to sing , anointed to play music , anointed to pray and so on . I have a word for you if you fit that category. God has not forgotten you. Keep preaching to yourself , keep playing the guitar , the piano , the drums or whatever you play , to the walls. keep singing to yourself. Whatever you do , do not quit , You are Gods hidden army ,getting yourself prepared for the great clarion, gospel call. God will soon be calling on you to join your brethern to fullfill your calling and go gather the harvest . May God richly bless you!!

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