April 24, 2012

First Church Year #13: Story Edition


This is an odd First Church Year in that I am writing it several days ahead of time. I try to do that will almost all of my posts, but I usually wait until the church week is over for First Church Year. This one is different.

This one is the result of overflow. It’s the because of the excess time I spent at church over the last week preparing and performing in our Easter musical.

There probably hasn’t been one thing that was more valuable in getting to know more people in my new church than working in this performance. I don’t know everyone, but I have a better idea of who several people are now.

How did I get to know these folks?

Obviously, I spent more time with them than I usually can or get to. But it’s deeper than that.

How did I really get to know them?

It was through their stories.

I heard bits and pieces of their stories throughout the week.

Do I know their full story? No. Neither do they know mine. But the stories build something. They build a picture that grows larger and larger. 

And that’s how we come to know God, isn’t it?

We have part of the story in the Old Testament.

We have the rest of the story in the New Testament with Christ.

It’s through these stories that we get the picture of God.

So, when we see and hear the picture of others, we see a faint, incomplete picture of what God does for us in the Bible.

Now, when I got to my church, I have a shared story with more people.

When I go to church, I get more of the story of God through His church.

How was your church week?  Did you listen to people’s stories?  How about the story of God?

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