June 8, 2012



There are times where ministry is very hard. There are times where I wonder what I got myself into and then there are days like yesterday that make me remember the amazing privilege it is to be a minister of the Gospel.

You see yesterday I got to do something that few people will ever do. I got to officiate the wedding of my niece Amanda to her new husband Justin Eberly. It was just one of those days that makes me smile and praise God. These two are such wonderful young people full of amazing hope and promise and so clearly meant for each other. They balance each other so well. He’s the kind of guy you hope a beloved young lady will bring home. It was a ceremony I could do with no reservations. Yep it’s pretty clear, God has a great plan for these two.
Amanda and Justin Eberly

A lot of people complimented me on the service yesterday and that was really nice, but the truth of the matter is all the praise for that day belongs to God. He brought them together. He gave them a great story and telling that story was easy. It’s a story that shows His fingerprints are all over this marriage. I was just blessed to be a part of it.

I’m beginning to see that the best part of ministry is holding on to God and going along for the ride.

Please join me in praying for this amazing young couple as they begin their journey together.

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