April 13, 2012

New Orphan Care Resource Now Available for Churches!


If you are reading this blog, more than likely you are already passionate about impacting the lives of orphans and vulnerable children.

You may be an adoptive or foster care parent, a recent mission trip participant or a church staff member. But, how do you engage more people to make a difference in this cause?

To help with this challenge, Buckner has created the Abba, Father devotional guide and toolkit. This toolkit can be used to increase awareness of issues impacting orphans and vulnerable children and provide direction on practical ways that your church can become involved. 

New resources included in the kit are:
o Abba Father:  A toolkit for serving the least of these, including
o An extensive bibliography of books, websites, movies and videos on a wide range of issues.
o A map to connect, cooperate, or collaborate with Buckner, depending on where you live
o A volunteer opportunity description to serve as a liaison between your church and Buckner
o Abba Father:  A 30-Day Devotional Guide Celebrating the Hope of Family 

Buckner recruited a broad base of individuals and organizations to contribute their expertise to the kit. Adoptive and foster parents share their journeys in several of the daily devotionals; leaders of organizations such as Embrace Texas, the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute and the Christian Alliance for Orphans also contributed.

The resource is user-friendly, practical and affordable (free!).  Many of the resources are easily accessible as a download from the Pure Action website.

Here are 4 ways the Orphan Care Kit could help your church get more involved in orphan care ministry:
1. Distribute the Abba Father Daily Devotional Guide to your small group and devote one or more discussions to one of the issues addressed in the guide.
2. Refer pastors or other church leaders to the kit.
3. Review the toolkit and organize a discussion around ways that your church may be able to collaborate with Buckner.
4. Review the bibliography and select resources that could be used for a book club discussion or movie night.

Want to learn more about orphan care, help increase awareness for others or learn how to connect with Buckner?  If so, this resource is for you!

Click here to access the Orphan Care Kit.

Candace Gray currently works with Buckner Children & Family Services in Dallas as the Director of Service Offerings and Performance.  She joined the Buckner staff in 2010.

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