"Are you weary of all the empty promises that leave you longing and aching for more? This performance-driven lifestyle is just another form of idolatry and it will eventually leave you exhausted bitter and ready to give up."

I recently read and reviewed Empty Promises: The Truth About You, Your Desires, and the Lies You're Believing  by Pete Wilson as a reviewer for Book Sneeze. This is the best book I have reviewed as a member of this program. 

Wilson has a nice page turning writing style, full of stories and challenging thoughts. One of his techniques is to rip off a list thought provoking questions that challenge readers to really search their hearts and apply what they are reading. Questions like:

Do you find yourself perpetually dissatisfied regardless of what you accomplish at home or work? 
Do you find it difficult to celebrate accomplishments because you have already moved on to the next task, job, or mission?
Do tool malfunctions (car, computer, etc) really push your buttons?
Have you ever been told you have "control" issues?
In the back of your mind, do you suspect that the more you obey God, the more he will love you?

Wilson deals with the empty promises of society that can result in idols in our lives. He calls this the…

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