January 30, 2012

Preparing My Heart


photo%255B1%255D_2.jpg Day 23 of my "Devotional Readings for Mothers" ring of cards that I found in my office, probably left by someone who used to work here, includes the following encouragement.

Keep on loving when your love is not returned. Keep on praying when it seems they are beyond hope. Choose joy, choose prayer, and choose thanksgiving in all circumstances. Your faithfulness in love and prayer is a lifeline for your child.

Although I'm not yet a mother, I find myself looking at these inspiring devotionals all the time. Maybe it's the spark of energy I get from reading something positive, or maybe it's a desire deep in my heart to be a mother. All I know is God is preparing my heart to be a nurturer, a prayer warrior, an encourager, and like Him, someone who loves unconditionally.
My own mother has exemplified Day 23's quote throughout my life. I've learned from her example that a mother must put her children before herself. Prayer before, during and after your kids are born is especially important. To be faithful that your love for your children will endure throughout their lives is a reflection of a mother's faithfulness in Christ.

I'm learning to apply these principles in my life outside of motherhood. We can love like Jesus without yet being a mother. I like to think I do this with the…


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