February 13, 2012

Book Review: Orphanology: Awakening to Gospel-Centered Adoption and Orphan Care


Sometimes it can be daunting to find information about adoption and orphan-related issues. Not because there’s a lack of materials, journals, blogs or books, but how do you know where to start? In these updates, we will regularly include reviews of books recommended by our staff.

Written by Tony Merida and Rick Morton, “Orphanology” is a great way to wade into the multitude of diverse issues surrounding orphan care. Their book takes a particular focus on the role of local congregations in caring for the least of these.

As one would hope, the book addresses a multitude of topics, ranging from adoption theology to foster care, adoption, missions, transitional services and support. The particular strength of Merida and Morton’s book, however, is a focus on the role of church leaders in developing a culture of care in their congregation.

One chapter in particular discusses this issue quite successfully, and challenges pastors and lay leaders alike to work towards developing a sensitivity to these issues in their congregations.

“…A church with an orphan care culture will have ministries, teams, printed materials, media, common language, Bible studies, and regular discussions on the topic. They will pray about orphan care in public and private, develop fellowship groups to discuss it, and host events to bring awareness about it. They will celebrate with couples that adopt. They will support the orphan ministries with passion. The church will have an aroma of Christ’s love for the fatherless.”

You’ll find “Orphanology” littered with concrete advice, stories of actual efforts and ministries and a consistent effort to tie the content to scripture’s mandate found in James 1:27.

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Greg Eubanks is the Buckner Area Vice President for National Operations. As an adoptive parent and an adoptive uncle, he is passionate about how Buckner ministries throughout the U.S. help to build strong families, whether through foster care, adoption or a host of other services that prevent families from ever having to separate. He has been with Buckner since 1994.

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