April 25, 2012

My New Podcast and Two Sample Clips


So I’m doing a podcast with Tyler Tarver, Jared Hollier and Joseph Craven and the bar in your mind should not be set any lower than it probably already is. That’s fair. Totally fair. It’s called The Courtesy Laugh because we’re all used to getting a ton of those and this podcast should be no different.

Briefly, I want to go over what the podcast will be about and then preview two segments for you.

What will this podcast be about?

We’re not exactly sure. Current events and pop culture stuff I guess?

That sounds serious. So is this going to be a serious podcast?

No. Think of it like this: it’s probably going to be closer to a discussion a group of stoners would have than it will be to a group of academic types.

That certainly sounds promising.

You’re being sarcastic aren’t you?

Yes. Very. So what will the format be? Just you guys rambling for a certain amount of time?

No. We hope to have an opening segment followed by some general discussion and then a closing segment.

Can you be more specific?

The best I can do are provide example clips.

The following clips are sample ideas of things we’ll be using in the future to open and close the podcast. We realize that they don’t have any formal introductions, as they are just clips. Rest assured that we’ll introduce ourselves all proper like when the time comes. And also rest assured that we understand this clips/segments to be aggressively stupid.1

Sean Connery Ordering Food From a Taco Bell

A Not-So Dramatic Reading of Twilight

*NOTE: If these clips won’t play or give you trouble, just click here to play the clips from our Tumblr page.

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  1. I’m the one who can’t get my stuff together and keeps laughing like a 12-year old girl.

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