April 25, 2012


Chuck Colson passed away over the weekend. Christian conservative, founder of Prison Fellowship, former Nixon aide and Watergate conspirator... the reflections on the man, his faith, and his legacy take many different views depending on where one falls on the faith and politics spectrum. Here's just a small sampling:

I don't really have much to add; I didn't know the man and was born in the aftermath of Watergate. My politics in general aligned with his, though I bristle at the notion of a Religious Right. I included Schaeffer's controversial post above to point out that not everyone sees the man the same way and politics often cloud our perspectives.

The legacy I want to focus on however, has nothing to do with politics per se. I knew the name, and associated it with the Religious Right, but it wasn't until I started to listen to his daily radio program, Breakpoint, that I really began to take notice. When I started this blog, Colson's words from his program and from his colleagues on his website, were in the back of my mind when I named it Public Christianity: The Opposite PC. You may have disagreed with…

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