March 3, 2012

StoryWriting Studio: My Writing Dreams


Photo/TaraRossFor the first few posts of  our new The StoryWriting Studio, we will be sharing some of our writing journeys with you. Today, I wrote about one of my firsts in "My Writing Dreams."

My journey begins. My journey to publication started back in the early 1980s, while we were attending seminary. When my friend, Coralie, told me about a writing for publication workshop that she planned to attend, I found myself envious of the opportunity that had been given her. Since we were living at or below the poverty level with our husbands as seminary students, the only way either of us could have an opportunity like that was for it be a gift or scholarship. 

Friend's encouragement needed. Coralie had heard about the writers' workshop, applied for a scholarship, and received notice of her acceptance, before I knew anything about the workshop. So, when she told me about it, I knew I couldn't possibly attend. When she realized my interest, she promised to tell me all about it and give me copies of anything of interest to me. So, after her conference, my interest began to grow, as Coralie walked me through each session of the workshop. 

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Do you remember one of your first experiences with writing? I'd love to hear from you!

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