March 13, 2012

Enhancing Your Devotional Time…


We all know the importance of having a daily devotional time, but I’m sure we also know how challenging it can be to have consistently.

Today, I just wanted to offer some tips that I have picked up along the way to help add some consistency and enhance your personal time with the Lord.

1. Take the pressure off yourself.

I have noticed that, for some people, the idea of having a consistent and rich devotional life comes with it thoughts of stress. It shouldn’t be this way. I know many times in my life I’ve put too much pressure on having a consistent and healthy devo time. The truth is, this pressure would make my devo time more about accomplishing my checklist and less about who I was supposed to be spending time with.

Take the pressure off yourself. Lay your cares on Jesus. I don’t think Jesus is out to get us if we don’t read six chapters a morning and spend 2 hours in prayer. The most important thing to remember is that quality trumps quantity. Make your devo times more about who you are meeting with and less about the things you feel you need to do.

2. Discover how you are wired.

God made us all different. We are all uniquely wired and that is something to consider when having a quality devotional life. Just like how I do not learn in the same way my wife learns, your devotional time will not look exactly the same as mine. Don’t compare your spiritual life to others…it does no good. Some people will be able to read for a large amount of time, but may not be able to pray for very long. Others may have trouble reading the Bible, but can sit and journal for hours. We are all different…embrace it.

3. Make an appointment.

When things are in your planner, you are a lot less likely to miss them. Just like how you make an appointment with a doctor or hair dresser, you can make an appointment to spend time with God. When it’s on your schedule, it becomes more of a priority and should drastically help you remember to have your devo time.

4. Read through a devotional book.

Often times, others insight will spark our own imagination and intrigue and make Scripture come alive for us. I have noticed that when I read a devotional along side of reading the Bible, my devo times are greatly enhanced.

5. When in doubt, think Proverbs, Psalms & New Testament.

Those are my 3 “go-to’s” when I’m stuck on what to read. There are 31 Proverbs so you can read one for every day. Psalms is amazing and filled with wisdom for every season of life. And the new testament is filled with the life, spirit, and words of Jesus…you can’t get much better than that.

6. Pray what’s on your mind, not what you wish was on your mind.

When it comes to prayer, people are so often worried that they need to sound “spiritual” and “deep” when they pray. Also I know it is very easy to get distracted and lose your train of thought. To me, this means that we are fighting our own flow in our spirits. If world peace, hunger, and poverty is not currently on your heart, don’t feel pressured to pray about it. If laundry and paying bills in on your mind, pray about those things. You can not trick God, he knows our thoughts. Let’s start to go with the flow and just pray what is naturally on our minds. This will help with our focus issues and help us be able to prayer for longer amounts of time without getting distracted.


There are lots more little tips, but I didn’t want to lay them all out at once. The truth is, none of these are things that I have down pat either. I am not perfect and I struggle with consistency as well. But we are on this journey together and I figured we can benefit from each others wisdom.

I pray these tips begin to help you feel excited about your devotional time and that your quality will far outweigh the quantity with the Lord.

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