January 30, 2012

Embrace the Season God Gives Us

As the green trees of summer begin to transform into waves of beautiful red and orange and the weather slowly but surely cools off, I think about this time of year and the lineup of events taking over my calendar.

My week days are filled with fall festival volunteer time slots and scheduled dinners with friends. My weekends are filled with birthday parties, holiday gatherings and baby showers. I remember being a kid in school, counting down the days until summer, when life seemed to pause - if only for a few months, it was enough. No responsibilities, no bills, no plans. Just time. Now even my summers are jam-packed.

What I'm learning is that no matter how hard I try to slow down time, I can't. The more I try to make time for this or that, the more stressed out I get because the days never last long enough to do everything on my mental task list.

You know it's bad when set a reminder to "call your friend Kara" in my Google calendar just so I remember to do it on my way home from work.

I truly believe that this upcoming season, despite all of the holidays that accompany it, should be a time of rest and peace. Sure, my plans for the holidays include grocery shopping, gift wrapping, cooking, cleaning and event planning. But I'm going to stop trying to make time,…

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