March 13, 2012

Effective Space


Space is an elusive concept for our culture and world. We are inundated with space fillers and preoccupations. We are “busy.” We even pride ourselves on being “busy.”

I listen to conversations about needing more hours in the day. We all seem to need more time to meet with people, reply to emails, return calls, get work down, and make relationships happen.

I gotta be honest, there are times I read or hear about some people’s days, and I want to take a nap for them.

We are busy. Somewhere along the way busy became a value, as well as an association of importance.

Busy says “we are in demand.”

Trying to keep up with busy is just exhausting. Busy comes with an unmeetable bar of success and satisfaction.

Don’t get me wrong, we need to get things done, and relationships take time and effort.

What is the balance?

Reading through the gospels, I wonder what Jesus’ schedule would’ve looked like. Would he have synched up his ministry appointments and travel schedules with his disciples on Google? Would we find him “penciling in” people in different towns and villages? Would Jesus have been considered too “busy?”

He was a busy guy. Jesus was definitely in demand, but he found the perfect balance between busy and space. Jesus knew that he would not have been effective had he not valued space.

Do I?

Do we?

Jesus would often disappear somewhere and just be. He took the space necessary to be able to manage the busy well.

Jesus would send his friends ahead of where they were going next. He would also wake up early in the morning and find his space.

We all need time where no one is asking us questions, no one is needing something, no expectations to fulfill, no interruptions, just silence and exhale.

We need space.

I need times of space to function. I need space to renew my mind and strength. I need space to find my exhale. I need space to find the words and whispers of my own heart.

More often than not I am exhausted when space is absent. More often than not I wrestle with God and life the most when space has been forgotten and edged out.

Space is where He speaks.

Space is where I listen.

How are you giving yourself space to be a more effective you?

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