May 18, 2012

What’s Your Story – Faith


[Guest Post by Anonymous] – I’m going to call her Faith, to protect her identity and country.

She found a Christian program on her satellite receiver, watched, and called the telephone number on the screen, leaving a phone message in her language. For seven long minutes she poured out an absolute tirade. Faith used every filthy curse word imaginable:

“What are you people doing?! Why are you saying there are two gods, when there is only one God? You are all going to Hell! You are all evil!”

She slammed the phone down. A telephone counselor (whom I’ll call Niki) endured the entire message:

“It was so painful for me to listen. There was much anger and horrible language. But the Lord gave me a burden for her. I didn’t want to, but somehow I knew I needed to call her back.”

Although fearful, she dialed her number. The woman answered. Faith exploded:

“Who gave you the right to call me? I don’t want to talk to you.”

Although it was very difficult, the Lord gave Niki grace to listen and then to do something that she knows was of the Lord. Gently and lovingly, Niki said,

“I could tell by your message that you have been deeply hurt, that you needed to talk to someone.”

Niki spoke to her of the love of God. Again, Faith let her have it:

“What are you talking about? You don’t know love! Life is very hard for me. You haven’t any idea what I’m dealing with. Tell me, have you ever been raped by your own father at the age of five? Has your brother raped you? Has your husband slept with your best friend? Have you had a court take away your children from you? All this has happened to me.”

Then, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, Niki said,

“God has put it in my heart to call you and tell you that He truly loves you and is there for you. He wants you to know that He won’t leave you. He won’t take your children away. He’s not going to hurt your body.”

At this, Faith broke down, and began to weep:

“I’m 28 years old. This is the first time I have been swearing at a person and they responded to me like you have. Why are you doing this? Why are you so kind to me?”

Niki said:

“This love is not from me. It’s from God. Please, may I help you to know the God who loves you so, the one that Pastor on the Christian station was telling you about on the program?”

Niki said that verses of Scripture began to flow from her lips. She knew that the Holy Spirit was speaking to Faith thousands of miles away, but through Niki. The once-angry woman took in every word…crying the entire time. Then she asked Niki for a Bible, which Niki arranged. Five days later Faith called back. She had been reading the Bible and was so peaceful. Again, they talked. After some minutes, Niki asked Faith if she would like to invite Jesus into her heart. She said yes and prayed with Niki. Immediately, Faith began declaring with joy,

“I’m free…I’m free…I’m free!”

She apologized for her language and anger, and could not stop talking about the joy, peace, and love she now felt. Faith has since called this Christian program several times. The last time saying:

“I’ve lost 28 years of my life, but now I’ve begun to live. I’m so happy…so happy that I found you, that I’ve come to know you. Thank you for giving me life, for introducing me to Jesus.”

Faith is but one of thousands who fear detection by the authorities, reprisals, and even jail time for sharing their story.

Instead, they view the programs with their doors closed, in the safety of their homes, taking it all in. Now is the time to P-R-A-Y for the Persecuted church for Christ! For those who are disillusioned, discouraged and depressed. Many stay home, not wanting to go out on the streets. Most turn to their televisions for news and hope, and particularly, satellite television from the outside.

What a wonderful door of opportunity to walk through, to give them hope, love and Christ…all to His glory.

[Photo courtesy of The Split Stitch]

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