April 25, 2012

Mr. Belding’s Logical Conclusion


We know the fates of most of the principle characters from Saved By The Bell: Zack and Kelly got married, Screech pursued work within the educational system and Slater got engaged to the Doritos girl but cheated on her just before their wedding day. These are all the things we know.

But among the things we don’t know is the ultimate fate of Mr. Belding.

During the series finale,1 Mr. Belding relays to us that he is taking a job at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. If this feels strange it should, but for a reason.

It’s strange because Mr. Belding, after years in the California school system, decides to uproot his family to move to Chattanooga. I live in Chattanooga and I’ve frequented the UTC campus. NO ONE is leaving California to live in Chattanooga and they certainly aren’t leaving to become the Dean of Students there. It’s not a bad school by any means. It’s just not worth leaving California.


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  1. the last episode of SBTB: The New Class

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