Naming a child can be a much discussed and debated topic among parents.

The names we chose for our boys took a lot of time and thought to come up with. We settled on names which reflected "Gentle Strength" and "Bears Christ with Joy." Amazingly, the boys "are becoming their names. One is an athletic, yet soft hearted feeler. The other is our happy go lucky, never have a bad day son.

Naming your child can almost feel like a prophetic exercise as you see them "grow" into their names.

I recently had the privledge to preside over a Nigerian couple's baby naming ceremony here in South Africa. In many parts of Nigeria it is custom to hold this ceremony 8 days afer a child is born to announce the name of the child. A name in Nigeria carrys much significance for the child. Everytime his or her name is mentioned, the destiny of the child is procliamed. This little boy I dedicated actually has 9 names! That's a lot of proclaimation!

This morning, I read my Bible and came across Psalm 54. In verse one, David expresses his need for God to be his delieverer and vindicator.

"O God, save me by your name, and vindicate me by your might."

It hit me. David expressed his trust in God by reminding Him of His Name. He did not even specify which name, just declared that the Name of the Lord would save…

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