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Book Excerpt

Chapter One

Noah looked like his father, and she hadn’t noticed it before.

But here in the backseat of a Dodge Caravan strewn with skateboarding magazines and CDs, there was time enough to see it in the young man whose long legs stretched from the seat beside her. To see the freckles dusting her grandson’s cheeks, the way his hair poked up like a hayfield and his eyes grabbed at everything.

Up front, Oliver asked Shane to adjust the radio, the static reminding Clara of the white noise she used to make with a vacuum or a fan to calm her newborns. The first one being Shane, her eldest, the one in the passenger seat turning now to laugh at his father, who wrinkled his long nose as Shane tried to find a classical station.


Book Review

If it’s not obvious already, I absolutely love blogs and social media. God has given us tremendous resources in our day to utilize great ways to reach more people with the Gospel and to stay connected with others in ways we never could have before.

As with anything that the Lord gives us, there’s always a temptation for consequences and for things to be used the wrong way. We have a tendency as sinful people to take things that God creates and to use them sinfully when that wasn’t His original intent. While we can stay connected to others, we might lose face-to-face personal relationships. While we can reach more people with the Gospel, we might be missing someone next door.


Book Review

Of the writing of books on discipleship there is no end.

There seems to be a neverending stream of books talking about new methods, new programs, or simply new concepts of discipleship. We are invited to return to the model of Jesus, or to advance into the postmodern world. Discipleship continues to be a hot topic in the church. Francis Chan, for his part, has a pretty simple idea in mind when he writes about discipleship.


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Blogging About Easter

Evangelism >
by cyndi marlow · 0 Likes

Today I bring you the final installment for my Lenten series of Facebook Covers/Social Media Images, as well as some Holy Week and Easter images.  I pray that your Holy Week will be one that is transformative  and meaningful.  God Bless you on your journey.  [.…
Christian Living >
by Elizabeth Arnold · 0 Likes

For believers in Christ, this week is referred to as "Holy Week". Most would agree that the name is very appropriate for such a sacred time. It is a time to review the scriptures that chronicle the events that led up to the crucifixion of our Savior. It is
Moms >
by Tera Blauwkamp · 0 Likes

This has been kind of a strange holy week this year--probably because Easter is so early, it snuck up on me.  Every now and then my thoughts stray back to that one week in history that changed everything.  A few years ago, I blogged through holy week, and I do
Moms >
by Shari Dragovich · 0 Likes

All around me whispers of hope. While running, I see new blossoms on the pear trees lining our neighborhood’s drive. …Continue reading »
Family >
by Becky Danielson, M.Ed. · 0 Likes

Passion Week begins this Sunday, Palm Sunday. It marks the beginning of the most holy week of the year for Christians. While it’s easy to get caught up in everything from Easter dinner to chocolate bunnies, make time each day … Continue reading →
Youth Leaders >
by Austin McCann · 0 Likes

It has been awhile since I have done a freebie so today I wanted to make sure I highlighted a freebie that my friends over at LeaderTreks have put together for you to use this Easter season with your students. It’s a two-part lesson called “The Why Behind Jesus Death
Church Leadership >
by · 0 Likes

It’s the Easter season and church teams are working hard to prepare for all the expected guests. As a secret shopper or mystery worshiper of churches around the country, I’ve found there are some reasons that I will tell a church I would not return for a second visit and
Young Adults >
by Renee Fisher · 0 Likes

I am excited to release Dream Devotional, my fifth book, on Easter! My story of hope. (No, this is not an April Fool’s joke)! There are many reasons why I choose not to share about writing this book until it was releasing. I loathe the fact that a traditionally published
Spiritual Practices >
by Thom Turner · 0 Likes

Last Friday my article “What Christians Get Wrong About the Easter Story” was published on Relevant‘s website. Be sure to check it out and join the almost 600 people who have shared it on social media. An excerpt: There is a temptation to then shift the focus from the dea…

Drew Dyck

Books >
'Yawning at Tigers' | Drew Dyck [Book Trailer]
"'Yawning at Tigers' is an invitation to see God anew, to recapture a vision of his blazing holiness…
Technology >

Perception System is a leading IT solutions provider company, which publish latest web mobile and software Industry related news, blog and article on regular basis.
Blogs >

A blog fueled by grace, caffiene and laughter. I write about God in the everyday, the big picture which underlies the mundane. I write to process, to encourage, to worship, to equip. I want people to know how deeply loved they are by God, and what a difference that makes.


Spiritual Growth >
by Serena Rice · 0 Likes

Something they never tell you about becoming a parent is all the fear that suddenly invades your life when you take that precious, miraculous, fragile little bundle home from the hospital. Watching your heart (captured in the body of your … Continue reading →
Family >
by Lindsey Bell · 0 Likes

Years ago, when I was first married, I read Love and Respect by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs. Love and Respect has benefited hundreds of marriages, so when I heard that Dr. Emerson Eggerichs had a new book available that applied the principles to parenthood, I knew I wanted to read it.
Evangelism >

Water From the Well is proud to announce we will feature Christian Dads who make a difference. We invite you to share your story with others, offering inspiration and hope in an all too often, desolate lonely world. What kind of stories; ones that show that through faith, all things
News >
by Mike Liebler · 0 Likes

Three kids, no job, and a nanny: Choosing humility instead of doing it all
Holidays >
by Deb Wolf · 0 Likes

Today is the day to finally let mom and dad off the hook for their failure to be perfect. Your parents messed up . . . maybe so much that you vowed not to parent the way you were parented.... The post Forgive Mom and Dad Day appeared first on
Family >
by Lindsey Bell · 0 Likes

I totally blew it. We were in the process of transitioning our two-year-old son to a toddler bed, and it wasn’t going well. I was tired, and he refused to stay in his room. (That was before we bought a heavy-duty baby gate to help teach him). About an hour
Christian Living >
by Sarah Coleman · 0 Likes

I love my children to bits. To bits. But shopping with them the other day completely stressed me out. I ended up walking through the supermarket, pushing the stroller with one hand and holding onto my son around his middle, legs kicking out the back. My oldest was running behind,

Art & Creativity

Kasey Van Norman

Christian Living >
'Raw Faith' [Book Trailer]
Kasey shares how she came to experience raw faith in this trailer for her new book.
Christian Living >

Photographs, articles, blogs on relationships, holiness, parenting, leadership, and creativity.
Christian Living >

We live in the glorious in-between. A “fascinating mystery” if you will. On one hand we are beginning to realize that we are a very small part of a large, dark and mysterious universe. We are but a small blip on the timeline of creation and a slight twinkle through the ever present and…


Christian Living >
by Cara Strickland · 0 Likes

Today I’m writing about some of the words that I write just for me, in letters to myself at my friend Claire’s lovely website, The Art of Writing. This is how it starts: When I was in college, I went on a retreat with the others in my dorm. Most
Christian Living >
by Kendall Lyons · 0 Likes

  Speaking Adolescently My daily struggles are not going to stop me. Instead of sitting in anxiety and fear, I decided to get back to the very thing that God called me to do…of one of the many things He’s specifically called me to do…I’m working to finish my bo…
Social Media >
by Mike Kim · 0 Likes

In this episode I’ll be talking about how to launch your blog with maximum impact. There are four things to do, and they should be done in order: Build Your Platform Build Your Audience Launch Your Blog Sell Your Products & Services TIP OF THE WEEK: Get a GLTD –
Blogs >
by Larry Carter · 0 Likes

I wrote a post back at the end of 2013 where I asked the question, “What do you want to know?” One of the questions someone posed was how I have so many ideas to write about. Obviously, that question has turned into another post. My short answer is that
Blogs >
by Blake Atwood · 0 Likes

Let’s begin this link roundup with the most challenging and inspiring article I read this week, Steven Pressfield’s “Write Your White Whale:” The #1 question that writers ask: ‘I’ve got a million ideas. How do I know which one to write?’ Answer: Write your White Whale. Which …
Church Leadership >
by Brian Dodridge · 0 Likes

Either learn to write effectively or let your church’s message get lost in a world of other less important messages. The church’s message is paramount, and we’ve got to effectively delivery it. In this video interview, successful Content Activist Ben Stroup provides tips on how to be…
Women >
by Kela Nellums · 0 Likes

I recently shared with a few sisters about not having the desire in recent months to write.Yes, I’ve had the wonderful experience of visiting my daughter, her husband, in-laws, and our precious grandson, Grayson.Yes, I’ve been packing a couple of boxes, anticipating a move; not to ment…

Faith & Culture

FV Tutorial

Blogs >
How to Create and Manage a Blog (Part 1) | Tutorial
In Part 1 you'll learn how to manage all of the options available to create an original blog hosted …
Collegiate >

If you’re like us, your refrigerator door is covered with snapshots, report cards, postcards from friends or schedule magnets for your favorite team – simple reminders about people you’re proud of, news you want to share or items you don’t want to forget. Introducing Baylor Prou…
Culture >

Thinking that Transforms


Church Leadership >
by · 0 Likes

Last year, I wrote a long piece or short ebook on leading yourself. I’m going to roll it out, piece by piece, over the next couple of weeks on my blog. This has never been published before. So here we go. Here’s the eighth piece: Know Your Craft Sing a
Church Leadership >
by Ron Edmondson · 0 Likes

One of the responsibilities of a leader is to be consistently looking forward for the organization. A leader has to continually be asking the question: What’s next? That’s a critical key to continued growth of the organization. The problem for me comes with the immediate demands on my …
Church Leadership >
by Brian Dodd · 0 Likes

Have you ever been hurt by unhealthy leadership? If so, you need to read this post. Chris Lautsbaugh is a good friend and currently serves with Youth With a Mission in South Africa. His perspective on overcoming dysfunctional leadership is something I wanted all readers of this site to hav…
Spiritual Growth >
by Dave Dunham · 0 Likes

If you're a small group leader, friends, don't just be a Bible study host, be a gospel coach.
Church Leadership >
by · 0 Likes

Last year, I wrote a long piece or short ebook on leading yourself. I’m going to roll it out, piece by piece, over the next couple of weeks on my blog. This has never been published before. So here we go. Here’s the seventh piece: Know Where You’re Headed Set
Church Leadership >
by Brian Dodd · 0 Likes

All leaders want to be as successful as possible. We want to make a difference with our lives and help others reach their full potential. So the question begs, how do you do that? In his amazing book Coaching Confidential, Gary Myers takes us behind the scenes and into the

Health and Fitness