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Whether you blog for fun or write for a paycheck—or somewhere in between—we hope you find Java Juice Bloghouse a helpful, encouraging space for your creativity. This subpage will feature content for the more ambitious writers in our community, helps and tips to further your publishing journey. Look for a new FaithVillage writers' building, called Inkwell, in the not-to-distant future, as we plan to expand our little town. 


Years ago I took a workshop on writing for magazines. I took the best tips I learned there, and I’m sharing them with you. Following these tips I sold thirty articles to national publications in one year. Maybe you can do the same!

My start as a writer came through writing articles. There are magazines that target thousands of audiences and markets, and they are on the lookout for writers who know their audience and their style and have a good story or idea to share! Magazines go to press regularly, and they are always looking for fresh talent.


The Proposal

Wondering how to write the perfect book proposal to catch a publisher’s eye? How do you make your book proposal stand out among the pile? How do you jump into the world of publishing? How do you get that first book published?


Michael Hyatt

Writers Talk

Writing >
Jeff Goins on Book Deals and Better Writing | ThinkTraffic.net
In this video interview with Jeff Goins you'll learn how to get a book deal without writing a propos…
Writing >
Writing for Excellence | Mary DeMuth
Mary speaks to the North Texas Christian Writer's Conference about her writing journey.


Media >
Stories Mirror the World and Invite Reflection | Dallas Theological Seminary
Dr. Darrell Bock and Dr. Reg Grant talk about developing a theological grid for interpreting media. …
Media >
Beginnings in Media Arts | Dallas Theological Seminary
In Part 1, Dr. Reg Grant explains the mission of the Media Arts program at Dallas Theological Semina…

Author Interviews

Church Leadership >
by Blake Atwood with FV Editors · 0 Likes

Felicity Dale speaks with FaithVillage about "The Black Swan Effect: A Response to Gender Hierarchy in the Church," featuring chapters by Alan Hirsch, Neil Cole, Floyd McClung, Frank Viola, and many other female and male leaders within the church.
Money and Stewardship >
by Kelley Mathews with FV Editors · 1 Likes

Author Caryn Rivadeneira talks about the writing of the book that details her spiritual journey through financial hardship.
Books >
by Blake Atwood with FV Editors · 0 Likes

Author and businessman Rich Mussler admits to being a "bad Christian," so much so that he wrote an entire book about the ways he's failed to live up to the ideal set for Christians.
Books >
by Kelley Mathews with FV Editors · 0 Likes

FV Editor Kelley Mathews talks with Susie Shellenberger, former editor of BRIO magazine, on her experience writing the study portion of Zondervan's new Young Women of Faith Bible.
Books >
by Blake Atwood with FV Editors · 2 Likes

Author and blogger Elizabeth Esther shares about her book, "Girl at the End of the World," and what it was like grow up in a fundamentalist Christian family.
Inspiration >
by Blake Atwood with FV Editors · 4 Likes

Philip Yancey, author of "The Question That Never Goes Away," talks with FaithVillage about pain, suffering, Newtown, Japan, Sarajevo, natural disasters, and the Christian response to suffering.
Music >
Breaking Down and Writing 'The Becoming' | Jenny Simmons
Jenny Simmons talks about writing blogs that led to naming her album, "The Becoming."


Books >
by Billy Coffey with Billy Coffey · 2 Likes

Read chapter one from Billy Coffey's newest novel that explores the power of secrets, of fathers, and of forgiveness.
Books >
by Kelley Mathews with FV Editors · 2 Likes

The best-selling novelist talks to FV's Christian Living Editor Kelley Mathews about her latest novel, 'Fifteen Minutes.'
Books >
by Blake Atwood with FV Editors · 2 Likes

Billy Coffey talks with FaithVillage.com about his book "When Mockingbirds Sing," being compared to Stephen King and Frank Peretti, and the craft of writing.


Books >
Establishing a Habit of Inquiry | Ken Coleman
Ken Coleman is a radio talk show host and the author of "One Question: Life-changing Answers from To…
Church Leadership >
How to Ask Just the Right Question | Ken Coleman
Ken Coleman is a radio talk show host and the author of "One Question: Life-changing Answers from To…


Theology >

Conrade Yap reviews "Exploring Christian Theology: The Church, Spiritual Growth, and the End Times" by Dallas Theological Seminary professors Nathan D. Holsteen and Michael J. Svigel.
Technology >

On behalf of The Englewood Review of Books, Adam Metz says that Craig Detweiler's book "iGods: How Technology Shapes our Spiritual and Social Lives" "helps us all take a much needed breath in the world of too much."
Books >

Conrade Yap reviews Pastor Tim Keller's "Encounters with Jesus," a book that looks at Jesus' encounters with normal people as told in the New Testament.