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Strivers are people of faith who get it. Life and relationships work best when we're learning from Christ, the master of all human living. If you're driven to explore how God gives guidance for your everyday life, your marriage, your finances, your daily work, swing through Strive regularly. Our bloggers and writers cover a broad range of Christian living topics, serving up content for your own growth and for sharing with the family and friends you want to encourage. Move your faith forward.


Some friends of ours moved last week. Traded one set of blue mountains for a set of rocky ones. It’s something they’ve wanted to do for a while (he has family in Colorado, not twenty miles from their new home, and she grew up in nearby Boulder). Their move had less to do with the economy than a simple desire for a change of scenery. I nodded when they told me that, but I didn’t really understand. Who would want to leave rural Virginia?

I’ve known them for about fifteen years now. They’ve been to my home, I’ve been to theirs. We’ve shared meals and Christmas presents and birthday parties for our children. It’s a sad thing that in a world defined by hustle and bustle and there’s-always-something-going-on, few people slow down enough to make good friends. That’s what I’d call them—good friends.


Christian Life

We’re all messed up. Yes, I know, that’s not a very positive statement to make. Some might suspect I’m a pessimist with a glass-half-empty perspective on life. I would argue that I’m a realist with a biblical worldview.

We all have sinned. We all will continue to struggle with sin on this side of eternity. We all have parts of our heart, mind, soul, and body that are not yet perfect.


Feature Article

If God asked you for permission before He allowed your life to get painful and messy, I imagine — like me — you would quickly reply, “I don’t want to!”

“I don’t want to . . . endure, suffer, grieve, lose, forfeit, repent, surrender, forgive, etc.”


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