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The word compels a new generation to move forward, to take action, to embrace something or someone beyond ourselves. In the Engage Mission Center, you can get direction for engaging culture, engaging human needs, and engaging God at work in the world. Here you can connect with vital causes worth caring about. Connect with others who embody the The Message of love by "doing for the least of these." Team up with those who share your passion. Maybe it's children, or water, or justice for all people. Watch their faces. Read their stories. Join their mission.


As my daughter and I and 50 other servants exited the newly constructed 400-square-foot house built for a beautiful family of seven in the barrios of Puerto Penasco, Mexico, I humbly said:

In every way I have talked and written about how misaligned the Church is … what you just experienced is the very essence of the Church in all her beauty.


Foster Care

Why is foster care important? What is the Church’s role? What are the common misconceptions about foster children and how to parent them? We sat down with our experts and picked their brains about the state of foster care today. You might be surprised and encouraged by what they have to say.

Before we dive in, meet our panel of foster care experts:


Feature Article

The effects of a lack of work are pervasive and self-perpetuating. When people do not work, there is more poverty, crime, recidivism, homelessness, divorce, unwanted pregnancies, substance abuse, domestic violence, debt, depression, and suicide. A lack of work tears at the fabric of our society.


World Vision & Rwanda

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Reconciliation in Rwanda | World Vision
Devastated by genocide, a Rwandan community learns to heal through World Vision reconciliation and p…
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Buckner International

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The Countdown to 3 Million Shoes | Shoes for Orphan Souls
Since 1999, Buckner Shoes for Orphan Souls has distributed more than 2.7 million pairs of new shoes …

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'Veil of Tears' | Official Movie Trailer
Veil of Tears is the gripping new documentary film narrated by Natalie Grant that tells the untold s…