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The word compels a new generation to move forward, to take action, to embrace something or someone beyond ourselves. In the Engage Mission Center, you can get direction for engaging culture, engaging human needs, and engaging God at work in the world. Here you can connect with vital causes worth caring about. Connect with others who embody the The Message of love by "doing for the least of these." Team up with those who share your passion. Maybe it's children, or water, or justice for all people. Watch their faces. Read their stories. Join their mission.

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If you are in ministry, you perhaps travel - perhaps on mission trips and other ministry endeavors.

I do travel a lot, and one of the apps that I have grown to love, appreciate and depend upon is WordLens.


Over the past few years the debate over charity rating systems has intensified. The book Uncharitable, written by Dan Pallotta in 2008, pushed the issue to the surface as he argued that the restraints put on nonprofits damaged their potential to fulfill their missions.

Then there was the 2009 article in the Stanford Social Innovation Review, "The Nonprofit Starvation Cycle," which focused on the cycle fueled by donors’ (individuals, foundations, and corporations) unrealistic expectations around the cost to run a charitable organization… which makes charities misrepresent their costs or skimp on vital investments in infrastructure and capacity building.


“The Bible stories you gave us we will share with everyone. We will not forget you or the stories you gave us. We have heard the Word of God and it has changed us.” — Mama Elizabeth, a co-founder of the inter-church group we trained.

“While we were sleeping we were hearing the stories!”  — Pauline, the Maasai organizer for the training


Foster care can be cold and sterile.

Like courtrooms. Medicaid offices. Hospital waiting rooms. 

This is not to say foster care is boring and monotonous — it's anything but that. It is to say, however, that the places foster care takes you and the demands it requires of you can sometimes feel more legal than relational and more painstaking than life changing.


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