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The word compels a new generation to move forward, to take action, to embrace something or someone beyond ourselves. In the Engage Mission Center, you can get direction for engaging culture, engaging human needs, and engaging God at work in the world. Here you can connect with vital causes worth caring about. Connect with others who embody the The Message of love by "doing for the least of these." Team up with those who share your passion. Maybe it's children, or water, or justice for all people. Watch their faces. Read their stories. Join their mission.

Buckner International

“In their hearts humans plan their course, but the LORD establishes their steps.” (Proverbs 16:9)

This verse is the theme for our Russia team this summer. At the beginning of each week we planned out Bible lessons, crafts, games and fun things to do with each age group at the orphanages. We planned as much as we could, and yet, almost without fail, we ended up doing something completely different.


Book Review

John Howard Yoder is most known for his theological work in ethics and non-violence.

However, from 1964-1983, Yoder taught a class on theology of mission. This book is a editorial revision of the recorded lectures from that class. While the content pre-dates the current missional conversation initiated by Lesslie Newbigin and furthered by the publication of Missional Church, edited by Darrel Guder, et al., it’s message is a prophetic and welcomed voice to the missional conversation.


Missional Living

There is a rhythm to life in Kansas. Fall is planting, winter is preparing and fixing, spring is praying for rain, summer is harvesting. Year after year this cycle repeats for hundreds of farmers whose livelihood is tied to a good wheat harvest.

It’s a life of intentionality.


Compassion International

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Buckner International

Missional Church

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Fair Trade

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Jesus' Economy

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