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The word compels a new generation to move forward, to take action, to embrace something or someone beyond ourselves. In the Engage Mission Center, you can get direction for engaging culture, engaging human needs, and engaging God at work in the world. Here you can connect with vital causes worth caring about. Connect with others who embody the The Message of love by "doing for the least of these." Team up with those who share your passion. Maybe it's children, or water, or justice for all people. Watch their faces. Read their stories. Join their mission.

Buckner International

Daniela Cruz* is bone-tired. After a harrowing month on the road from her home in El Salvador, she crossed the Rio Grande River this week, was picked up by Border Patrol agents and processed as an undocumented immigrant.

She is looking forward to a shower – the first she’s had in a month – clothing and some food provided at the Catholic Charities Refugee Center at Sacred Heart Catholic Church here. Among the clothing is shoes collected through Buckner Shoes for Orphan Souls®, available to the waves of children who pass through the center daily with their parents.


Feature Article

There is an unprecedented amount of talk about orphan care going in the Church right now — and I love it. Perhaps in generations to come, ours will be looked back upon with great affection and admiration for how we, the Church of today, rose up to care for kids and families in historic and eternal ways.

Yet, while I celebrate and actively participate in many of the discussions taking place regarding God's heart for the orphan and our mandate to care for them, I also cringe at some statements hovering around the Church on this issue that in my opinion are logically and even biblically flawed. Here's two I've come across most recently and continue to do so fairly frequently:



Usually on Sunday evening, or early on Monday morning, I post my sermon text (this week from Matthew 20, the workers in the vineyard), but this week I want to offer a few general thoughts, since what I had written for my sermon changed fairly dramatically based on some of the events of this last week.

1. Our reward is not always tied to what we justly earn.


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