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featured christian video

'In Better Hands' | Natalie Grant

Watch Natalie Grant's official music video for "In Better Hands."

New in Culture

Music >
Behind The Album 'If We're Honest' | Francesca Battistelli
Visit with the popular Christian recording artist about her newest album. Get "If We're Honest" by F…
Music >
Good Friday | Matt Maher
Matt Maher talks about the importance of Easter and Good Friday. Find out more about Matt at www.mat…
Music >
Spring Tour Training | Switchfoot
Switchfoot show how they are training to prepare for their upcoming spring tour. www.switchfoot.com
Sports and Recreation >
5 Things You Don't Know About The Big Game | Odyssey Networks
"At Super Bowl XLVIII, it's estimated that Americans will spend more than 5 billion dollars celebrat…

New in Christian Living

Relationships >
The Perils of Pride | Marriage Today
God loves us, but He hates pride because it takes our eyes off Him. Pride says, "I can do it all mys…
Money and Stewardship >
'Broke' | Caryn Rivadeneira
"Even in the most difficult of circumstances, on the most common of days, God is there. In her book,…
Health >
'Body and Soul' | Bethany Hamilton
"Bethany Hamilton has become a fitness expert by virtue of being a professional athlete who has exc…

New in Leadership

Books >
Clout Creators | Jenni Catron
"Just as there's a lot going on behind the scenes to make a simple cup of tea, there's a lot going o…
Books >
'Clout' | Jenni Catron [Book Trailer]
"Clout is power and influence. It is an undeniable trait that opens doors and moves mountains. You h…

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Tutorials >
How to Upload Video for Site Members | Tutorial
In this tutorial for site members, you'll learn how to upload original video to FaithVillage as well…

Video by Category

Faith and Culture

Music >
'Love Take Me Over' (Live) | Steven Curtis Chapman
Steven Curtis Chapman performs a live version of his song, "Love Take Me Over." http://stevencurtisc…
Music >
'Love Take Me Over' (About The Song) | Steven Curtis Chapman
Steven Curtis Chapman shares the meaning behind the song, "Love Take Me Over," from his new album, "…
Inspiration >
Eric Metaxas | I Am Second
Eric Metaxas wanted to touch God. For him, the universe was like this giant frozen lake. We spend ou…
Music >
'Mary's Song' | Robbie Seay Band
The Robbie Seay Band sings "Mary's Song," off of their album "Advent 2," available at robbieseayband…
Music >
NoiseTrade EastSide Manor Sessions | Jars of Clay
Jars of Clay performs live songs in the NoiseTrade EastSide Manor Sessions. www.jarsofclay.com
Music >
Free is a Life Anthem | Dara Maclean
Christian music artist Dara Maclean provides encouragement to women and talks about her recent song …

Causes and Missions

Cause >
How Water is Changing South Sudan | Water is Basic
Water is Basic (WiB) was born out of crises in 2006 when religious leaders from across all of Sudan …
Cause >
O Holy Night | World Vision
"O Holy Night" courtesy of Laura Cooksey in conjunction with World Vision. Learn more at www.lauraco…
Cause >
Knit for Kids Chicago Distribution | World Vision
For more information on World Vision's Knit for Kids, go to www.worldvision.org/knitforkids.
Cause >
2013 Peace Walk in Rwanda | World Vision
Team World Vision helps pass the peace torch on its way through Rwanda: http://www.teamworldvision.o…


Youth >
Stand Strong Against Bullying | Nick Vujicic
Nick Vujicic talked about his new book, "Stand Strong," and the topic of bullying. He took questions…
Health >
The Battle With Anorexia
Please help spread the awareness about this rampant disease, and maybe together we can save someone'…
Relationships >
Same Sex Friendships | Renee Fisher
Devotional Diva explains some struggles she's experienced in her friendships and what God says about…
Youth >
Everybody Smiles on a Jet Ski | Andy Braner
Andy Braner, founder of Camp KIVU, shares how his dream of connecting American Christian teens to ot…
Men >
When I Watch Porn
Matt Wade shares his struggle with pornography and how he's overcome it with Jesus' help.
Women >
Swimsuits, Modesty and Christian Women | Bianca Juarez Olthoff
It's important to check your heart when trying to be modest. For the full discussion, check out Bian…

New to Christianity?

Bible Study >
Bible in Five: Revelation | Blackhawk Church
This video accompanies Week 51 of the "Eat this Book" challenge to read through the Bible in one yea…
Bible Study >
Bible in Five: Acts | Blackhawk Church
This video accompanies Week 41 of the "Eat this Book" challenge to read through the Bible in one yea…
Evangelism >
Penn Jillette Receives a Bible
Noted atheist and celebrity magician Penn Jillette talks about the time he received a Gideon's Bible…

Christian Living

Dads >
The Father Effect Short Film
The Father Effect serves to spread the message about the father wound and the forgiveness and healin…
Money and Stewardship >
Maximum Social Security Benefits | Debt Free Squad
Want to know how to maximize your social security benefits? In this video, Jeff goes over what the m…
Marriage >
The Warning Signs of Divorce | Marriage Today
Jimmy Evans discusses the proven warning signs that can lead to a divorce. By recognizing these symp…
Family >
Raising Great Children | Marriage Today
Children are one of the greatest gifts in life, but parenting demands from us on every level. Jimmy …
Inspiration >
You are Gorgeous! | Robert Morris
Pastor Robert Morris encourages us to keep seeking face-to-face encounters with Jesus, in order to …
Money and Stewardship >
A System to Pay the Bills
Christian PF kicks off the series "Getting Started" with this introductory encouragement to have a s…
Bible Study >
The Hosea Love Story: Part Two | Irving Bible Church
A modern-day retelling of the book of Hosea told in six parts. Part 2: The Tough Love of God: Hosea …
Work >
Bringing faith into the workplace
Henry Blackaby speaks about bringing faith into the workplace based on biblical principles

Bible Study

Bible Study >
Bible in Five: Leviticus | Blackhawk Church
This video accompanies Week 5-6 of the Eat this Book challenge to read through the Bible in one year…
Bible Study >
Bible in Five: 1 Samuel | Blackhawk Church
This video accompanies Week 13 of the Eat this Book challenge to read through the Bible in one year …

Higher Education

Health + Wellness

Food and Hospitality >
Fruity Dessert Recipes | Diet Health
Try these easy summer recipes that are sweet and fruity dessert ideas with no added guilt! http://di…
Health >
A Fitness Coach and Health Counselor's Story
Allison Sullivan shares about her own struggle with weight gain as well as her passion for health an…
Health >
At Home Tabata Workout | The Simple Gym
Matt, from the Simple Gym, shows you how to do a 4-minute Tabata workout at home with burpee's, squa…
Health >
'Body and Soul' | Bethany Hamilton
"Bethany Hamilton has become a fitness expert by virtue of being a professional athlete who has exc…
Wellness >
Real Men Do Rev Fit | Revelation Wellness
Men's perspective on Revelation Wellness classes and combining fitness with faith.
Health >
My Scoliosis | Baylor Health Care System
North Texas: Baylor scoliosis Patient, C. Imbrogno shares in her own words about the compassionate a…
Wellness >
Yoga for Runners | Diet Health
Are you a runner? Try this yoga sequence to stretch tight muscles for a little pre-hab during the hi…
Health >
Kevin Peet's Premature Triplets | Baylor Health Care System
When Kevin Peet's wife had premature triplets, the emotional stress nearly overwhelmed him. Fortunat…
Inspiration >
Still Jumping at 82
You won't see John Rigby in the upcoming Olympics but that might be because there aren't enough peop…

Church Leadership

Church Leadership >
Church Plant Journal #3: Prayer Partners
In the summer of 2013, I will be relocating with my wife and a core team of folks to Seattle to inau…
Church Planting >
Church Plant Journey #1 | Kurt Willems
Pastor Kurt Willems shares his thoughts on church planting as he begins to plant a church this year.
Church Leadership >
How Alignment Can Make All the Difference | Jenni Catron
Tony Bowick interviews Jenni Catron, who offers her experience and insight on how alignment can thro…
Books >
'Clout' | Jenni Catron [Book Trailer]
"Clout is power and influence. It is an undeniable trait that opens doors and moves mountains. You h…
Humor >
Shallow Small Group
Does being in a small group Bible study really change anything or is it just something to do? This f…
Books >
Clout Creators | Jenni Catron
"Just as there's a lot going on behind the scenes to make a simple cup of tea, there's a lot going o…
Small Groups >
Community: Taking Your Small Groups Off Life Support | Brad House
Brad House calls on churches to wake up to the possibilities for life-transforming, gospel ministry …


Inspiration >
Allegiance | Shift Worship
In this patriotic video, a father expresses the hope that his American boy will pledge himself first…
Bible Study >
The Sacrifice of Isaac | 'The Bible' Miniseries
In this excerpt from "The Bible" miniseries, God asks Abraham to sacrifice his promised son, Isaac.
Bible Study >
David vs. Goliath | 'The Bible' Miniseries
In this clip from "The Bible" miniseries, young David defeats Goliath, the Philistines' largest and …
Holidays >
The Salvage Mission | Willow Creek
This Christmas, Willow Creek tells the epic story of God’s plan to restore the world through the m…
Inspiration >
Mike | Chris Fenner
"I walk among people with a freedom that hasn't been earned, but given to me." A moving portrait of …
Spiritual Growth >
What Breaks Your Heart? | Ian Morgan Cron
Author Ian Morgan Cron shares the things that break his heart, from his children in pain to the pain…

Church Tech and Media

Blogs >
EZ Wordpress Setup | Michael Hyatt
In this screencast, well-known blogger Michael Hyatt shows you how to launch a self-hosted WordPress…
Technology >
After Effects Tutorial: Intro to After Effects | Dan Stevers
An introduction to After Effects that will show you how to create a project, do some simple animatio…
Children >
Meet the Bible App for Kids | YouVersion
"Meet the Bible App for Kids from YouVersion: animated Bible stories in a free app for smartphones a…


Children >
Jesus is the Good News! Trailer | What's in the Bible?
Watch this trailer for "Buck Denver Asks What's in the Bible? Volume 10: Jesus is the Good News! (Ma…
Children >
Supper Hero - Silly Song | VeggieTales
Silly Songs with...LarryBoy? Where does a hero go for help when he can't seem to clean his plate? He…
Children >
What Happened Between the Old and New Testament? | What's in the Bible
Phil Vischer talks about What's in the Bible and how much changed historically between the Old and N…
Children >
The First 5 Minutes | What's in the Bible?
VeggieTales Creator Phil Vischer brings the Bible to life in a whole new way in his new DVD series f…