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I think I’m getting worse at knowing people.

What I mean is, I used to be able to ask new acquaintances endless questions about themselves. This is because I have good parents who are good at asking people questions, so I learned this from them. I’m still more of an asker and listener than a talker, but I remember after my first year out of college realizing this had gotten more difficult for me; it took more energy to keep asking questions.

I blamed this on the fact I was living in England and people are less nosy about other people there in general. But I notice it still. It is much easier to not ask someone about her story, to just let it be and keep talking about the weather.


Buy all the books you want about how to raise a child into a fully functioning and responsible adult, and you’ll be wasting your money. I know that’s a pretty broad statement, but I stand by it. Because it doesn’t matter what Ph.D. says what or how much Biblical wisdom people can give you, in the end you learn by experience.

This I know.


The person who refuses to love doesn’t know the first thing about God, because God is love — so you can’t know him if you don’t love
(1 John 4:8, The Message).


I don’t know why but the word makes me uncomfortable, so uncomfortable that for years I couldn’t write, “Love, Wendy," on cards or letters or emails.

I would write anything but “love."



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