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She looked at me with hopelessness as deep as the ocean in her eyes. “I’m tired of holding on to a dream that seems more elusive with each passing day.” Then she literally screamed through her tears, “What’s the point of hoping my husband will change when he’s more abusive now than ever before?

Have you ever held on to a dream for so long that it’s become a nightmare? What once filled you with hope and gave you strength now sucks the marrow right out of your bones. Your dreams, your prayers, and your promises from God seem to mock you now and leave you in a cesspool of despair.

Maybe it’s not been weeks or months, but years and decades of waiting. For a season, you prayed hard and believed in faith for great things, but your prayers are only whimpers now and you can smell the stench of bitterness growing in your soul.


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I didn’t know I would become a preacher. I always had great respect for them. My father still preaches on a volunteer basis for the church I grew up in — and I think he’s fantastic at it. But, I always thought I would do something else.

I thought I’d be a baseball player or a lawyer … perhaps start my own business.


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The Mystery of a Calling

Have you found your calling in life?

Have you found that one thing you were made to do?

Finding your calling can feel like a mystery. You believe it is possible, but it rarely seems to happen. It is easier to earn a degree than it is to discover your purpose. It is easier to become certified at something than it is to add meaning to the world.

Like winning the lottery, it seems to be the kind of thing that happens to somebody else.


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