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You know, we have a weird relationship with doubt.

We talk a big game. We like to say that we are very accepting and open-minded toward others. But when it comes to talking about the things that are really important to us, we suddenly change our tune.


In the back of my newly released book, “Ready. Set. Next.” I listed out a bunch of thoughts. Some of which are more serious than others. This is my first fictional book, but it’s obviously driven by real life circumstances and situations and is centered around topics I think are critical for people to think through.


Could the Big Bang be the creation event described in Genesis 1?

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As a child, I first began to entertain doubts about the existence of God when I discovered that my parents — who had vouched for his existence — were not being truthful about Santa Claus. My efforts to verify with my own eyes the existence of this jolly old man being pulled around by a group of flying reindeer were as unsuccessful as my attempts to accept wholeheartedly the equally incredulous stories from the Bible.


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