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God loves you. Jesus died for you. A church cares for you. But what does it all really mean? New believers and those simply wanting to explore Christian faith can find content offering a great introduction to the basics at Square One. Whether you want to explore the Bible, spiritual practices, or weightier issues, you can start here. Doubters, the ambivalent and the perplexed are totally welcome. The best place to start is simply where you are.

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Bible Study >
Bible in Five: 1 Corinthians | Blackhawk Church
This video accompanies Week 44 of the "Eat this Book" challenge to read through the Bible in one yea…
Spiritual Growth >
Shall Not Perish | PeaceWithGod.net
What do I have to do to go to heaven? God isn’t waiting to judge you. God isn’t waiting to conde…
Addiction and Recovery >
From Prostitute to College Professor
Ateba Crocker, once a high dollar escort, now a woman's advocate for Christ. Author, Rescued. See h…
Teaching >
Napkin Theology 4 - Does God Exist?
The three possible answers to the age-old question, "Does God Exist?" illustrated on a napkin.
Evangelism >
Penn Jillette Receives a Bible
Noted atheist and celebrity magician Penn Jillette talks about the time he received a Gideon's Bible…
Inspiration >
'Did you believe that I loved you?' | Brennan Manning
Author Brennan Manning believes God will ask us one question upon arrival in heaven: "Did you believ…
Bible Study >
Bible in Five: The Prison Letters | Blackhawk Church
This video accompanies Week 46 of the "Eat this Book" challenge to read through the Bible in one yea…