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As we discussed in my last post, college-aged people and 20-something leaders have a bit of a bad rap.

If you listen to many leaders over 40, the complaints come quickly:


I am not naturally inclined to lead a simple life.

I feel a strong sense of responsibility to the calling God has entrusted to me—not just at work, but also with my family, the relationships I invest in, the recreation I need for my mental health, and the travel my work requires.


What’s going on when you ask a Christian about a specific practice of discipleship in their life and they say, “That is between me and God?" Perhaps nothing unusual. Or, perhaps a whole bunch of evasive things. What do you think?

Legitimately some people are very private about their practice of Christian discipleship, they are shy about sharing, genuinely humble about boasting, or truly believe it is inappropriate pride to talk about their practices. These people do hold an annual gathering in the telephone booth at the corner of West 47th and K Street in some major city in North America, but I cannot remember which one.


If you lead a team long enough, eventually there are going to be some difficult conversations that are going to happen. No one wants to have difficult conversations, there’s nothing fun about them. But if you care about the team and if you care about your teammates then eventually someone is going to need to be confronted. It could be poor work ethic, breaking organizational values, underperformance, misrepresenting the organization, or it could even be a moral or ethical problem just to name a few. But who is the right person to have that difficult conversation when it needs to happen?


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