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Many churches are stuck in attendance simply because they haven’t maximized their current facilities and campus. Thinking about adding another worship service at your church? Here are five strategic concepts to consider before you do. Not sure if multiple worship services are right for your church? Check out this blog on Overcoming the Fear of Moving to Multiple Worship Services.

1. Begin with Two Worship Services … not One

Conventional wisdom would say to begin with one public service at the optimum time. Conventional wisdom would be wrong. Two services provide customizable options, and Americans love to customize their options. Two services also provide opportunities for people to attend a service and volunteer at a service. It’s easier to build volunteer teams for two services than one.


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Loot. Moola. Scratch. Greenbacks. Dough. Bank. Benjamins. Wad. Shekels. Bills. Dead presidents.

However you like to refer to your money, our lives all revolve, to some degree, around money. You might say yours doesn’t, but without money we can’t feed our kids or pay the bills or help a friend.

I posted a letter earlier this year from a person who received food from the church. They wrote, “To me, it’s exhausting. Worry, doubt, bills, food, clothing, transportation … ” You could just hear the fatigue in her words.


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The role of the associate pastor or minister is one that many churches think they cannot afford. In reality, the are a variety of ministry callings that do not involve staffing a full-time pastor or minister. In many cases, the associate pastor or minister can be found in their church.


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My guess is you could use a few more high capacity volunteers.

You know — the kind of volunteer who:

  • Can attract other capable leaders
  • Doesn’t drop balls
  • Loves a challenge
  • Constantly overperforms

I mean, who doesn’t want more of those people on their team?


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