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Netflix and other on-demand video providers, have already changed the culture more than you think.


How important is it to be perceived well by church members even it means you’re slightly inauthentic?

Can you try to impress others and not sin? Are you simply creating a personal brand?


I made a leadership mistake last week.

I sent an email prematurely. I actually remember pretty vividly having my finger over the "Send" button on my Kindle. I paused a minute and the thought flitted through my mind, “Should I really send this email?” Then I pushed it aside and hit "Send."

It felt good too. I was able to communicate my frustration and disappointment about something someone did that I disagreed with. I set them straight. Told it like it was. That sort of thing.


As American churches slowly declined, we watched our European neighbors over the pond decline even faster. The “Death of Christianity” was forecasted to spread from England, Germany, and Norway to  around the world.  Surprisingly, a new study has revealed church growth trends in Europe. The death of Christianity story is greatly exaggerated.

What can we attribute to this growth? Hipper churches? Better social media? Flashier worship bands?


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