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Article | Devotionals >
In Matthew 26 and 27, we're presented with two biblical men who betrayed Jesus and were sorrowed by their actions. Yet one man rep»
Article | Music >
Andrew Peterson's new record, "Light for the Lost Boy" is now available.»
Article | Theology >
In part 2 of her discussion of 1 Peter 3, Sandra Glahn discusses the meaning of "weaker vessels."»
Article | Music >
An interview with singer/songwriter Andrew Peterson
Article | Bible Study >
Wayne Stiles assures us that God's plan is still progressing, although we can't always tell.
Article | Theology >
Sandra Glahn discusses whether Peter's instructions to women in 1 Peter 3 were misogynistic or had a deeper meaning.
Article | Culture >
Eric J. Lyman looks at the possibility of St. Peter's actual bones being on display at the Vatican.
Article | Film >
Steven Jones with TruthOnCinema reviews "The Amazing Spider-Man 2," calling it "cleaner and crisper than its predec»
Article | Theology >
Did Jesus really live and die and come back to life? If he really experienced a resurrection, what does that mean about your life »
Article | Small Groups >
If a small group leader incorporates these two simple ideas, their small group is likely to multiply quickly and lessen the likeli»