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Preaching | Brett Younger | Thirty Minute Seminary
Brett Younger, Associate Professor of Pr»
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It would have been nice if Jesus hadn't been born so close to finals.  We have twelve days of Christmas after we turn in the last exam, unless you’re one of the poor, tortured souls who have to grade them.  The Twelve Days of Christmas is a long song, but it’s not enough time to move emotionally from memorizing every detail of Martin Luther’s life for Dr. Allen’s church history final—you need to know Catherine Von Bora’s shoe size»
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AshWednesday is a depressing name for the first day of Lent.  It sounds gruesome, because it focuses ourattention on the ashes and the words, “Remember that you are dust and to dustyou will return.”  To the casual observerLent is forty days set aside to be depressed because we’re going to die.But thecasual observer is wrong.   Lent is notabout fascination with death, but the affirmation of life.  On Ash Wednesday we»
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Henri Nouwen tells about the family of a friend who died suddenly from a heart attack.  Bob’s widow decided to keep her two youngchildren away from the funeral.  Shethought that it would be too hard for them to see their father put in theground. For years after Bob’s death, the children thought of thecemetery as a frightening place.  Thenone day, their mother asks Nouwen to visit the grave with her.  She invites the c»
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Advent is about imagining all over again that you can be caught up in a hope bigger than you are.
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Ultimately, materialism results in a net gain of nothing, but Jesus offers something much more desirable and lasting.
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The path to the tomb is for those whose hope has died.
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How clearly do we see the people around us?
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Paul's example shows that, even when we're at our busiest, mentoring and discipleship should still be a priority.
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Why do good things happen to bad people?