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My wife Dawn and I are on vacation for a few days up to doing A Night AMOK in Alabama on Wednesday October 24, but I didn’t want to let this site go quiet, so I thought I would share some great stuff I’ve found around the web that would inspire you creatively. This piece is amazing and would fit really well in a Christmas service.
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Family, faith and Christmas
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Jason Johnson explores why the story of Christmas and redemption prevails throughout the best stories of all time.
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Some great Christmas tradition ideas
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Striking similarities between ourselves and our Tannenbaums
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I’m a blessed guy. Yep. Blessed. As a life-long “churchie,” that word can make me cringe. I impulsively envision over-animated ushers with poorly folded pocket squares crowing “God bless you, brother,” from the back door of the church sanctuary. (Or Aunt Bethany saying “The Blessing” in Christmas Vacation). But it’s true. God’s hand of blessing has been on my life and on my family for multiple»
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Tomorrow is July 4th, and it falls on a Wednesday this year; which is the absolute worst day for it. In the land of wage slaves, this requires us to take off at least 2 vacation days to make it a long weekend. Bummer. So it got me wondering why we moved some holidays to Monday and not others – I get that as it is called the Fourth of July, it would be truly schizophrenic celebrating it for example on the 6th, but we also call it Independenc»
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It's just a house on a street in a town, It may not look special to you, But this is the house where we lived and we loved, Where we slept and we ate and we grew.~Claire Cloninger/Nancy Gordon When bright sunlight illuminates the rich, dark foliage dotting our Pollywog Creek landscape and warm, moist air greets us at the break of day, there's no denying that summer's arrived. It's when my leisurely moments on the backyard swing sipping fresh-br»
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  I have always heard it said, “Time flies when you are having fun.”  Well this certainly must be the case because one of my favorite things in the world is the rare opportunity to take an afternoon nap.  And when I am participating in this ritual, time certainly does fly.  But if time flies when you are enjoying yourself, then the opposite must be true as well.  ”Time slows to a crawl when you are not having fun.”»
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By Chelsea Quackenbush Photography by Russ Dilday On an unseasonably warm Valentine’s Day evening, the Potts family gathers at their grandparents’ home in a Dallas suburb, not to share sweets and candy hearts, but to tell the story of how they came to be a family. The oldest son is home from military duty along the Texas-Mexico border. The oldest daughter left her studies in her college dorm to join them. The younger daughter has the night o»