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Family, faith and Christmas
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Jason Johnson explores why the story of Christmas and redemption prevails throughout the best stories of all time.
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Some great Christmas tradition ideas
Article | Emotional Health >
Striking similarities between ourselves and our Tannenbaums
Blog Entry | Culture >
Here's a clip from the almost family-friendly National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation with Chevy Chase. Here he is showing the kids how to sled. Read more!
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According to Business Insider, Christmas  is the biggest commercial holiday celebrated in the U.S. In 2011, consumers spent just over $700 in gifts alone. $400 of that was spent on […]
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Those of you that know me well or much at all know I'm not the biggest fan of the Christmas season in general.I only want to hear Christmas music from the day after Thanksgiving to Christmas day itself. No earlier, no later.The same goes for Christmas decorations. I'll start assembling
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We all know that Christmas and Easter are times when people who typically don’t come...The post The Church Staff & Christmas Dilemma appeared first on Velocity Ministry Management.
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Oh, the secret lives of writers. Don’t you wonder how some of them celebrate Christmas? Well, we’ve asked a few of our recent authors to tell us their favorite Christmas traditions (and one even shares a recipe). Anita Higman My favorite Christmas tradition is to invite my gal …
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My wife Dawn and I are on vacation for a few days up to doing A Night AMOK in Alabama on Wednesday October 24, but I didn’t want to let this site go quiet, so I thought I would share some great stuff I’ve found around the web that would