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Audio | Church Leadership >
Donald Miller and Bob Goff join us backstage at Catalyst West. Don is the best-selling author of Blue Like Jazz and rece»
Video | Teaching >
Catalyst Dallas 2011: Don Miller
In this segment Don Miller refers to Jos»
Blog Entry | Worship >
“I don’t worship God by singing.”  What??!!  That’s the shocking headline of a recent post by Donald Miller that caught my attention - and that of many others in my profession.  Since I spend much of my week trying to get ready to help people do just that, worship God by singing, I was more than a little alarmed when I saw the title.  He doesn’t spend as much time talking about music in worship as the title suggests but it certainly»
Blog Entry | Collegiate >
Author Donald Miller gives us a tip in this article for getting things done: Focus on one thing. Do it really well. Then be completely satisfied with small change over time. What is your goal? When you know that, focus on it instead of trying to do a thousand different things. Small changes, instead of scrapping and starting over, leads to success. Read the article here.
Blog Entry | Art >
When I first heard about the book Blue Like Jazz, I wasn’t terribly interested, then I found myself in an airport bored out of my mind so I went looking for something to read. I saw it and picked it up. I read it before my plane landed at home. It became very influential on me. In the book Miller takes an honest look at his life following (or trying to follow) Jesus. Then he wrote another book called A Million Miles in a Thousand Years tha»
Blog Entry | News >
When our identity gets tied up in success, we begin to fear failure or the loss of that status
Article | Teaching >
Donald Miller argues that the church is more than a classroom.
Article | Theology >
Quoting Stanley Grenz in response to Donald Miller's blogpost on seldom attending church, Leon Hayduchok suggests that today's chu»
Article | Christian Living >
Roger Upton considers Justin Bieber, Donald Miller, and whether a Christian can be a Christian without going to church.
Article | Dads >
Donald Miller's Mentoring Project