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The role of a family meeting
Article | Family >
One family codified their values to help the children remember better. Did it work?
Article | Family >
After a spouse leaves the marriage, many times the parent who is left alone with the children feels like he or she doesn’t belon»
Article | Christian Living >
Check out these five great ways you can be a blessing to any adoptive family you know, plus four topics of discussion that are off»
Article | Family >
One mother discovers how God has been working in her children's hearts unbeknownst to her.
Article | Family >
Organization is the secret.
Article | Family >
One poor decision long ago has lasting impact.
Article | Youth >
If discipleship starts in the home, what can a youth minister do to help parents disciple their kids?
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Open hearts lead to a new, unique family.
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These twins have more family than anyone thought possible.