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Article | Church Leadership >
Carey Nieuwhof discusses the pros and cons of doing church online.
Article | Church Planting >
Pastor and church planter Joey Cochran provides three scriptural examples for planting a church in an urban center.
Video | Humor >
Gateway Church Southlake: Easter 2012
Come visit Gateway Church in Southlake, »
Video | Humor >
Gateway Church Southlake: Threw It On The Ground
Spoof of SNL's "Threw It On The Gro»
Article | Church Leadership >
Church leader/planter conference on March 27-29 at Gateway Church in Southlake, TX
Article | Preaching >
Attend church online. Choose from among many of the popular preachers of today and watch them via streaming video.
Article | Devotionals >
John Burke, pastor of Gateway Church in Austin, Texas, reflects on the difference between a "gospel of mud-management" a»
Article | Women >
Sarah Coleman encourages women to flourish on earth just as God intended.
Article | Bible Study >
If the Sinner's Prayer is not evangelism's goal, what is?
Article | Small Groups >
When starting a small group, who should you first talk to? By small group pastor Andrew Mason.