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Happy November! I hope you’re settling into the holiday swing o’ things. We sure are! This month, I’m joining Kenzie at Chasing Happy for “The Thankful Project” ~ 28 days of expressing gratitude in our lives! I love this idea. I hope you’ll start counting your blessings with me. I’ll aim for “Short & Sweet” posts (& lotsa pictures), but there is no stinkin way I can condense today’s post [about a person I'm thankful f»
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By Aubrie Apple Each morning I have to prepare myself for the hour-long, pollution-filled, stop-and-go, jarring route of uneven roads on the car ride to the Baptist Children’s Center in Nairobi. To avoid frustration, I read my Bible. I have been going through the book of Luke during the long ride, and one particular morning I was reading Chapter 12. You know when you happen to read something that applies directly to what you are struggling wi»
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Ideas on how to lead a Gratitude Project
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Sharing the gospel with Aid Sudan
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InterviewsHow do leaders discern, listen, respond and share His guidance?  Leaders discern and respond to the guidance of the Holy Spirit and share His vision when walking in the Spirit. Consequently, the fruit of the Spirit manifests through their thoughts and resulting actions. Constant “prayer, joy, and gratitude” (1 Thes 5:16-18) along with “love, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness” (Gal 5:22; Rom 8:23) illuminating in»
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Yesterday had already unfolded into yet another pray day when I read the email in my inbox - the one telling me that as the sun was rising over fields of sugarcane to the east, my gratitude-counting friend Marilyn was flying home to Jesus. The prayer shawl she crocheted, while cancer-fighting drugs dripped into her veins, lays in a heap on top of our basket of blankets and the gratitude journal the three of us shared - Marilyn, Joyce and me - is»
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Perfectionism is the ultimate creativity killer. Its roots, to name a few, are fear, insecurity, control, and shame that walks a thread-bare tightrope between the chasms of avoiding pain and fear of rejection. Perfectionism stalls projects. It divides people and creative teams. It increases tentativeness, uncertainty, and doubt. I said it’s a creativity killer, didn’t I? Perfectionism stands in stark contrast to artistic excellence, integrit»
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Today's the day - {a global applause for the Creator} because gratitude really does change everything.  Tomorrow - July 1 - I'll post a place for everyone to link to their "Applause Day" photos. Won't you join me? That there be places of quiet stillness before the Lord each day - linking on Saturdays with Sandra... 2012 Project 366 Photo Page
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Whining and feeling sorry for myself is pathetic, unproductive, and sorely lacking in gratitude, but I choose to sit in that sorry place for a moment. I'm not happy to have sent my Nikon back for repairs - right after UPS finally finds our house and delivers it. And I'm not happy that I have to increase my RA meds - after working so hard to wean the dosage down. And I'm certainly not happy that I need handicap parking. I step outside»
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On Mother's Day 2012 Remembering my mother with much love gratitudeMary Eleanor Gardner White May 10, 1918 - April 19, 2001 {Photo-my paternal grandmother, Lucille White, my mother with me, my dad with my brother, my maternal grandmother, Mary Gardner, 1952} 2012 Project 366 Photo Page