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Ideas on how to lead a Gratitude Project
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Sharing the gospel with Aid Sudan
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Happy November! I hope you’re settling into the holiday swing o’ things. We sure are! This month, I’m joining Kenzie at Chasing Happy for “The Thankful Project” ~ 28 days of expressing gratitude in our lives! I love this idea. I hope you’ll start counting your blessings with me. I’ll aim for “Short & Sweet” posts (& lotsa pictures), but there is no stinkin way I can condense today’s post [about a person I'm thankful f»
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By Aubrie Apple Each morning I have to prepare myself for the hour-long, pollution-filled, stop-and-go, jarring route of uneven roads on the car ride to the Baptist Children’s Center in Nairobi. To avoid frustration, I read my Bible. I have been going through the book of Luke during the long ride, and one particular morning I was reading Chapter 12. You know when you happen to read something that applies directly to what you are struggling wi»
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Are you really grateful in all circumstances?
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Sleep, exercise and decluttering are conducive to increase productivity, discipline and good health.
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How to ensure your volunteers want to continue being your volunteers.
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In this excerpt from Rob Rienow and Richard Ross, discover an outline to help organize your family worship experience.
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Jesus, Paul, food, charity, and prayer were just some of the areas examined in this year’s crop of books under the broad heading»
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Pastor and church planter Stephen Blandino celebrates one year in their church plant and offers 20 learned lessons from his first »