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Not a formula for making friends, just a graceful way to accept them when God plops them in your path.
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Making friends takes work
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Balancing your marriage and friendships can be difficult, but being married can teach you to appreciate your true friends.
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What if we saw each new friendship in our lives as a God-ordained friendship and treated it as if God had given us a responsibility for it?
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God gave us community--don't ignore it!
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Thoughts on setting goals for weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.
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Constant activity and technology threaten our kids' ability to be still, to enjoy childhood.
Blog Entry | Christian Living >
Today, I’d like for you all to meet Meagan. She is one of my HelloMornings buddies and we had so much fun getting to know one another this summer through our study. God continually amazes me with how he can connect women from across the country through social media like
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Dear Bronwyn, I finished college, got married and moved to a new community two years ago. We’d heard that making friends after college is hard, so we found a church, joined a small group, and said “yes” to as many engagements as we could. We have met some wonderful people…
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Last week I wrote on what we should look for in friends; now let’s see if we’re holding up our end of the deal! ;-) As I write this, I think about some of the qualities my current friends possess as opposed to qualities that I’ve seen in friends