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Not a formula for making friends, just a graceful way to accept them when God plops them in your path.
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Making friends takes work
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Balancing your marriage and friendships can be difficult, but being married can teach you to appreciate your true friends.
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What if we saw each new friendship in our lives as a God-ordained friendship and treated it as if God had given us a responsibilit»
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God gave us community--don't ignore it!
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Thoughts on setting goals for weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.
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Constant activity and technology threaten our kids' ability to be still, to enjoy childhood.

Up to this point, I've lived my life constantly trying to change who I am. I found myself always trying to "fit in", or blend in, with the crowd. I always avoided bringing attention to myself by not standing out or being different, even though I was. Over the past year or two, I observed some of the people around me that have the "I don't care about anything or anyone, but myself" attitude, which I used to admire. I admired it until I realized I was trying to be someone I'm not. People with that attitude always appear to be so happy and carefree, and I was jealous of ...


There are events which happen that can’t be explained in ways that might make sense to others. Events which on the surface seem impossible, except you experienced it! Personally, deeply, unforgettably you know this event was not happenstance. The event, that experience is the result of a divine appointment. Divine appointments are moments that never escape the memory. In those escape-less moments our brain is so deeply seared that a permanent marker is erected. A historical sign post that will never allow you to lose the significance of that moment, that even ...

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Get an inside look into the life of a pastor, with both its challenges and rewards.