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About Momentum Church Leader Conversations:

Where pastors and church leaders learn from each other.

Video | Discipleship >
Get Out! Is there a Reason to Ask Someone to Leave a Discipleship Group? | Robby Gallaty
Pastor Robby Gallaty covers a challengin»
Video | Christian Living >
Negative Splitting | High Calling [Video]
This New Year, let us start at a deliber»
Video | Money and Stewardship >
Why Has America Been Blessed?
Do you believe that God has blessed Amer»
Video | Missional >
Creating a Missional Culture Pt. 4 | JR Woodward
"What does it mean to be missional?»
Video | Missional >
Creating a Missional Culture, Pt. 2 | JR Woodward
"What does it mean to be missional?»
Video | Children >
Protecting Children from Sexual Abuse at Church | Darrell Bock
In this episode of The Table Podcast fro»
Video | Higher Education >
Preparing Students for the Challenges of Life in College | Darrell Bock
"In this episode, Dr. Darrell Bock »
Video | Church Leadership >
Cultural Engagement: Emerging Adolescence and the Church | DTS
"Dr. Darrell Bock, Executive Direct»
Video | Church Leadership >
Post-Christendom and the Church | Chris Backert
"What is post-Christendom and what »